Yoga Mat Tip: How To Stop Yoga Mat From Sliding On Floor?

I have been practicing yoga for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. The only problem is that my mat slides around on the floor during certain poses! I had no idea how it got like this, but now I’m worried that I won’t be able to do any poses without risking injury. 

This is so frustrating! The last thing you want to be thinking about in a challenging pose is how your mat has slid all over the place, but it’s inevitable. 

I tried using different types of mats to see if they would help but nothing seemed to work. It seems like there is no way to stop this from happening, right? Wrong! 

After some research online, I found out that there are tons of ways on how to stop yoga mat from sliding on floor! You should check out this blog post for more information.


Why Is Your Yoga Mat Pretty Slippery?

The problem seems to stem from both internal and external causes. Let’s see what the culprits that are preventing you from getting fit are!

Your Mat Is New

As I’m sure you’ve experienced, finding the perfect yoga mat for your practice can be difficult. Most mats that are slippery when you’ve just bought them originate from a plastic material called PVC – polyvinyl chloride. Even premium ones like Manduka PRO may seem downright slick at first! 

Your Mat Is Made From Quite Slippery Materials

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyurethane, and Rubber mats don’t usually be as slippery as PVC ones. They’re much stickier and are good choices if you’re seeking non-slip materials!

Your Lotion Or Skin Oil Makes You Slip On The Mat

Sometimes, it’s your lotion or oil that makes you suffer from a sliding mat. If you moisturize, then do yoga immediately, it may be that this product is making things too slippery for you and causing slipperiness!

Your Sweat Makes The Mat Wet And Slippery 

Sweating can result in slippery mat. Some people sweat much more intensively, even if they don’t do any rigorous exercise or have an extra-drying skin type. This is still a huge concern for anyone who practices Bikram yoga (105℉ – 40% humidity).

How To Stop Yoga Mat From Sliding On Floor

This problem must have bothered you for quite some time. Even for me, I used to believe that I had to put up with it because there was no way around it.

Well, now there is! So if you’re ready to finally be able to stay in place for as long as you want during class, then scroll down now for more info!

Break In Your Yoga Mat

It is important to do this before use. The process may require frequently using it for a week so that it’s completely broken in.

For some mats, even after this process, they are still slippery, so it might need fixing with other methods such as putting talcum powder on them or using an adhesive like crazy glue, which will keep you from slipping while doing poses!

Use A Towel

All you need to do is to spray the surface lightly using water. Don’t overdo it and wet the surface too much! Then use your towel to cover the surface.

The cost of a towel is much more reasonable than buying a brand new mat. However, this method requires repeated practice before every session. Still, I believe that it is worth doing so for a perfect experience!

Use A Microfiber Towel

You can use microfiber cloths which will offer just enough grip without feeling too rough against the skin! The process is no different from the towel section above. It’s just that you substitute the normal towel with microfiber ones for more grip.

Remove Chemical Layer

One of the reasons for slippery yoga mats must be because they have a chemical layer that prevents them from approaching scrapes and knocks, but this protection also makes their surface slick. Removing this layer means getting rid of that slipperiness.

Wash Your Mat

For PVC yoga mats, it’s acceptable to wash them. You can hand-wash or throw it in your washing machine in gentle mode.

The only notable point here is you must let it dry out naturally, as tumble drying may damage the material.

Use Sea Salt

With one cup of sea salt (large-grained) spread across your mat, massage it until you have completely covered the entire surface. Allow this treatment to sit there for 24 hours, then remove the excess liquid using your soft sponge with warm water.

Add Non-Slip Backing

Installing a non-skid rug backing underneath your yoga mat will help to reduce the slipperiness. Non-slip backing is designed for this function, but it can also be used underneath when you’re exercising and work perfectly in holding area rugs in one place while preventing sliding!

Keep Your Mat And Floor Clean

When you’re practicing yoga, it’s important to keep your mat clean. Cleaning the floor and getting rid of any pet hair or dirt before starting can help prevent slipping on that surface!

Purchase A Double-Sided Mat

Double-sided mats are great for those looking to work their core. It’s the best way to increase stability while working out. A good double-sided mat that will keep you from slipping and falling as well!

How To Make Your Yoga Mat More Sticky?

Have you ever noticed that after a while, your yoga mat starts to lose its sticky quality? It’s not the only thing that goes away. The grip on your hands and feet go away, making it hard to stay in poses for any time. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to make your mat more sticky again!

By Hands

  • Dishwasher detergent with water or a mix of water and white vinegar in an equal ratio are the best ways to eliminate greasy surface films on your mat. 
  • Use the spray bottle to mist your mat with the liquid option of your choice, and spray it on your mat.
  • You should spread the liquid evenly on the surface using a sponge. Using paper towels or paper only ends up with them disintegrateing into the mat – remember the time there was some tissue left in your clothes’ pocket and you threw it in your washing machine! A disaster is about to happen. 
  • It takes your vinegar or detergent about some hours to dissolve those greasiness. This will take longer than if you were using soap, but it’s safe and environmentally friendly!
  • Cleansing your mat using a showerhead! Simply turn the water on lukewarm mode and let it run over you until there’s no soap remaining.
  • Roll up your towel, then pat down again to get rid of those water as much as possible.
  • Unroll and use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the excess water down.
  • Hang your mat out so it dries. If you’re drying it on clothing rails, place a towel between your mat and the rails to prevent markings.

Using A Washing Machine

If you don’t fancy involving your hands on the job, check the instructions for washing your mat with your washing machine. All I did was to throw it in there with some drops of mild detergent at 20-30 degrees Delicate cycle, ensuring to include one rinse as well!


How to stop yoga mat from sliding on floor? Have you grasped it all yet? Yoga mats can be slippery, and it’s important to know why so that you can efficiently tackle the problem. By doing so, you can improve your experience of practicing yoga on one and avoid injury.

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