Can You Sweep Hardwood Floors With A Broom – Complete Answer For Housewife

Just now, I’ve come across several inquiries, when this question popped up: Can You Sweep Hardwood Floors With A Broom? This post brings me back to myself sweeping my hardwood floors earlier this morning. 

I was as confused as you are at the beginning of this journey. I didn’t know whether to use a broom or leave it alone because I was afraid of damaging my beloved floors. Let’s scroll down and see what my experience can offer you.

Can You Sweep Hardwood Floors With A Broom

Can you use a Broom on Hardwood Floors

Though sweeping hardwood floors with a broom will do no harm, there are still some points to keep in mind to preserve your hardwood floors’s durability. Because the wrong broom can damage or even leave scratches on your floor.

The three most crucial criteria while choosing the right broom are its material, size, and where you use it. 

For hardwood floors, you should treat them nicely with soft and synthetic bristles. Choosing a softer bristle with a smaller head size would be best for sweeping a narrowed surface. You can spare the wide head broom to sweep the wider one. Just remember, do not use the broom you sweep your yard to try on your hardwood floors, you wouldn’t want to bear the consequences!

How To Sweep Hardwood Floors With A Broom

After getting a nice soft broom, create your weekly or monthly cleaning schedule and accomplish it with the guides below:

1. Divide your house into specific segments in your mind and start with higher areas. By dusting the ceiling or window first, you can avoid the dust falling back to the areas that you have swept clean.

2. Start from the furthest areas from the door to the nearest ones and adhere to your virtual segments. That would help you save movement time and energy.

3. Execute short strokes when accumulating the dust into the dustbin.

4. You should lift or relocate some appliances to the other room to clean all the dust remaining in the areas they take place.

5. After having your work done, wash the broom with soap and water. Then let it dry before storing it for the next usage.

It is very important to stick with your schedule; one time a week may be ideal. To get a clean and new wood floor, you can refer to some tips such as putting a floor mat at the entrance, vacuum routinely, and following the user manual of the wood manufacturer.

Final Words

The answer to “Can you sweep hardwood floors with a broom” would be a huge Yes! Sweeping might be much more tiresome than vacuuming, but it ensures a clean living environment and helps preserve a beautiful floor without any risks. 

I’ve been cleaning my hardwood floors for many years, and the above instructions are what I’ve composed from my experience. I hope that my post has been useful for you.

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