How To Clean Cowhide Rug Dog Urine

Cowhide rug has become a stylish decoration for modern housing. Though considered a short-lived, chemical container that can not be cleaned, a cowhide rug needs proper maintenance and care, just like the other housing rugs and interiors. One of the most frequent questions in washing this type of rug is how to clean cowhide rug … Read more

How To Clean Large Rubber Backed Rugs – 5 Powerful Tips That Work

Rubber-backed rugs are essential in almost any household. The floor always feels soft and comfortable underfoot with area rugs.  However, as you accidentally spill coffee all over the rubber-backed rug and leave stains on it, it is going to be tough to remove. Cleaning cotton fiber mats or rubber-backed rugs, significantly large ones, is such … Read more

Can You Wash Rugs In A Washing Machine? – Relieve Housework Stress


Throw rugs and area rugs provide comfort underfoot while adding style and color to a home. Since they are often placed near entry doors or high traffic areas, they get dirty quickly. Washing them by hand is physically demanding, and renting professional service requires extra expense. But can you wash rugs in a washing machine? … Read more

How To Keep Outdoor Rugs In Place On Concrete

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How To Clean A Leather Rug? This Way Might Help!

Besides its warming effect and noise absorption, a leather rug can also show your aesthetics, style, and taste.  Unlike rugs made of cotton or wool, a leather version might cost you some extra money to maintain its durability and appearance. Hence, you must carefully take care of your rugs at any time.  With the right … Read more