What Is The Difference Between Tide Original And Tide Simply Clean?

Tide is the first detergent brand that many people often think of, but it has various categories nowadays. You are wondering how they are different and which one should be the best choice for your family. Tide Original or Tide Simply Clean?

In this article, we will help you distinguish What is the difference between Tide Original and Tide Simply Clean? Check it out and make a good decision!

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Tide Original And Tide Simply Clean – What Should You Know? 

Tide – a close and reliable friend of every house, helps us be more confident with clean and fragrant clothes. The brand has been the top-selling detergent in the USA for a long time and successfully confirmed its position around the world.

Nowadays, Tide continuously develops and brings nothing but the best products for users. In this article, we will learn to distinguish between the two most common detergents. They are Tide Original and Tide Simply clean.

What Is Tide Original?

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Tide Original is known as a strong detergent and released in 1946 by P&G. Nowadays, due to the brand’s compelling marketing and devotion to development, Tide Original has become the top of the cleanser line in the United States.

What Is Tide Simply Clean?

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Tide Simply Clean & Fresh is an innovation detergent of Wide Original, introduced by P&G in February 2014.

Tide Simply Clean is a fluid clothing cleanser suitable for all launderable textures and can be utilized in both standard and high-effectiveness washers at any water temperature. The item is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

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What Is The Difference Between Tide Original And Tide Simply Clean?

Primary Benefit 

Tide Original is favored for its outstanding cleaning capacity, while Tide Simply receives appreciation for its wide choice of fresh smells and dependable aromas.

Cleaning Power 

Tide Original ranked higher than Tide Simply in terms of cleaning ability. Tide Original is considered a heavy-duty detergent to get rid of stubborn stains. Whereas, Tide Simply Clean is suitable for light soils.


Tide Simply Clean & Fresh laundry detergent offers diverse scents like Berry Blossom, Refreshing Breeze, Daybreak Fresh, etc. In contrast, Tide Original has fewer aromas than it.


In general, Tide Original is more expensive than Tide Simply clean. Tide Original has more soap, which is why Tide Simply is cheaper. Yet the actual difference in price depends on where you buy it.

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To sum up, the best clothing cleanser is a personal selection. However, for clothes that have lots of ” stubborn” stains, it would be best if you used Tide Original as a heavy-duty detergent. If you want to save money and appreciate the fresh smell, it will be a smart choice to go for Wide Simply for lightly soiled clothes.

We do hope that this article brings you useful information you’re looking for about What is the difference between Tide Original and Tide Simply Clean?. Wish you a clean and fragrant experience at the right price!

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  1. I have been web browsing to find out the difference ever since I first saw Simple Clean and Fresh. I don’t really have to wash any heavily soiled laundry so the Simple Clean and Fresh is great for my needs, especially since it is about half the price of Original Tide. I will always keep one of the Original Tide on hand for heavier soiled laundry. I have used Tide as long as I can remember and would never change.


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