Can You Use Windex To Clean A Dry Erase Board? – Some Useful Tips

Your dry erase board will go with you for a longer life if you maintain it properly. But what if you have used a tough pen mark to write or have not cleaned your board for too long and all the marks have become dry? 

In this case, you might ask: “Can you use Windex to clean a dry erase board?”. Do not look any further as we are here to help you out. Let’s take a glance at this guide below.


Can You Use Windex To Clean A Dry Erase Board? 

The answer is Yes. This chemical is claimed to be an effective and safe cleaner for dry erase boards.

SC Johnson Brands announces that all Windex products are safe cleaning solutions for dry erase boards. Simultaneously,  its cleaning effect is the same as most cleaning liquids for this kind of board.

How To Use Windex To Clean A Dry Erase Board?

Now, let’s move to the important part of learning the way to clean your board perfectly with Windex.

First, you will need a clean cloth (lint-free) to spray Windex on. It will be better if you have a microfiber cloth. Do you know the reason why? 

The markers made for dry-erase boards usually use the ink leaving a lot of powdery residues. And this type of fabric will catch a majority of particles powder-like and keep your dry erase board luster.

Next, it is recommended to wipe the board with a large and circular motion. This act aims to make the cloth soaked in Windex capture the residue from the dry marker without any hassle. Remember not to follow edge to edge and straight motions. The reason is that you will unintentionally push all the residue from the dry marker into the edges, which usually makes your cleaning duty much more tricky.

And for the last step, you should clean the board until it is dry completely. Windex is, indeed, effective to keep your dry erase board spotless. 

However, keep in mind that there is built-up alcohol in the Windex solution that might create a challenge of writing on your board. Moreover, in some cases, it can become scratches and abrasive.

And that is how you can clean your dry erase board with Windex. How about other things you should notice when using this clean solution? Here we go!

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What Should You Notice?

As we have mentioned above, the residue of Windex must be a disadvantage for this cleaning method. But there is no need to worry about it anymore as the newspaper will help you remove residue from Windex effectively. Sounds interesting, right?

What is more, make sure that you use the approved solutions on the market. Nowadays, there are some low-quality Windex solutions having ammonia or acetate, which will ruin your board.

In Conclusion

After reading our guide you might find the answer to the question: “Can you use Windex to clean a dry erase board?”. Thanks to Windex, now you can get rid of all stubborn smudges on your board with ease. Give it a try now! Good Luck!

On top of that, thanks for reading! See you in the next post.

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