What Would Happen If You Washed Dry Clean Only By Mistake

“What would happen if you washed dry clean only by mistake?” is one of the most common questions, especially when you buy a dry clean only garment but you don’t know how to wash it properly.

In this post, Clairoliviawayman will explain what the dry clean only garment is, how to recognize it through the shirt tag, What would happen if you washed dry clean only and how to wash the dry clean only garment.

Let’s jump to the main section.

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What Is Dry Clean only Cloth?

Some kinds of material couldn’t withstand contacts with powerful detergents or washes with water. There are a lot of strongly-removing chemicals in regular detergents that can be harmful to the fabric. Also, your clothes may shrink or stretch depending on its material.

What Is the Symbol for Dry Clean only?

You may find the symbol for dry clean only on the shirt tags. The logo of dry clean is the black circle.

If the clothing label shows this logo, you should not regularly wash your clothes. It must be dry cleaned after being worn or getting dirt.

What Would Happen If You Washed Dry Clean only Clothes by Mistake?

If you accidentally wash dry clean only clothes in routine washing methods, your clothes will have trouble. It may lead your clothes to shrink, stretch, and be well-worn. 

Worse than that, your garment may get ruined. You will never wear it again, especially if it’s your favorite clothes. It is the reason why knowing what type of material and reading the shirt tag are significant. Don’t forget to pay attention to the garment care label to avoid the worst experiences coming to your clothes. 

Once you know what type your garment is, everything will be easy to handle. Let’s jump to the guidance to solve the dry clean only clothes.

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How to Wash Dry Clean Only Garment?

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There are several solutions to wash dry clean only clothes. Today I will show you three usual ways to tackle these specific materials.

Method 1: Using Mesh Bag

You can put these specific clothes into the mesh bag, then throw it into the washing machine. This solution doesn’t take you much time, but remember to adjust to the lowest speed mode, use light detergent and cold water. Don’t forget to check whether it’s cotton, linen, or durable material. Only these materials could wash in the mesh bag.

Method 2: Using Dry Cleaning Bag

You could remove stains, put clothes in the dry cleaning bag, and dry it in the dryer machine. To prepare for this solution, you need to buy a dry cleaning bag used in the laundry service store like the below picture.

Method 3: Hand-washing

And the last way is hand-washing the dry clean only garment. Remember that only silk material can apply for this method, and use cold water and mild detergent to wash. After all, air dry until it is completely dry.

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The Final Thought

There are several easy ways to handle the dry clean only garment. At the time you purchase clothes, remember to pay attention to the garment care label. This is the best way to avoid what would happen if you washed dry clean only by mistake

If there are any problems, leave a comment below. I appreciate tackling your troubles.

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