What Causes Carpet Beetles? Here Is All Information You Need

It can be frustrating when seeing holes in your furniture or carpets. The culprits for these damages are usually the beetles. You might be wondering, What causes Carpet beetles? Why do they find your house attractive?

Here you will have all the information needed to keep these pests away from your house furniture.


What Causes Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles appear in your house because they find a generous food source for their larvae in your house. These foods include animal origin products like silk, skins, hair, or wool. In most cases, these pests show up in your house due to the stain on carpets, lack of cleaning, or mistreating the products with animal-based pests.

These tiny pests breed very fast and damage many of your household items. Normally, you notice their presence for the first time when your carpet is gone in large part. That must be one of the last things you expect to happen with your precious carpet, isn’t it? Relax. First, let’s find out what materials are the favorite of carpet beetles.

Dirty Fabric 

As you might know, animal-based products are the favorite food of carpet beetles. But why do carpet beetles still ruin your synthetic furniture badly? The reason is the food or oil stains on your carpet.  

Indeed, if there is any food or leftover things on the cloth, your carpet will be the target of beetles. If you do not clean those stains right away, these annoying little creatures will not hesitate to use your fabric as their feeding source.

Wrong Storage Method To Animal-based Cloth

One of the ideal environments for carpet beetle growth is the one with a lot of lint or dust. Failure to change the front air filler of your vent frequently can cause dust flowing in your house.

Besides, the delay in vacuuming also increases the chance of lint appearance. Both these factors might lead to carpet beetles showing up in your sweet home.

Lack Of Cleaning 

As you might find out now, it is risky to keep any animal-based items casually. Like leather, silk, wool, or fur, these surfaces will be lovely sources of food for carpet beetles to grow, especially if you leave them humid or dirty.

Absence of Light

In case you are a dim lighting lover, it should be best to change your habit. Why will it be good for you? Simply because carpet beetles love hiding in dark places. The absence of light in your home is a great habitat for these insects.

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What is The Origin of Carpet Beetles?

Adult beetles use nectar or pollen as their main sources of food. Naturally, they can come to your house through the flowery plants you bring indoors. Also, your pets can bring carpet beetles on their fur.

These invaders also fly into your house through any opening places like doors, windows, or cracks. When these six-legged insects get into your home successfully, they will tend to approach the chandeliers and ceiling lights first. 

Why? It is because their mate happens right at any light source. Then, they will lay the eggs in the location with an abundance of food. And at this point, nothing is more irresistible for them as your carpet. 

Larvae grow up and live in any undisturbed sites. Do you think they are trying to hide? No, they are not. It is just that they are so small that you hardly notice.

Another thing is that the life span of larvae is quite long, around nine months up to 3 years. Hence, it is no surprise when they can silently bring chaos to your furniture sometimes.

Why Do Carpet Beetles Spread?

For each time of mating, the female carpet beetles can lay around 35 and 100 eggs. When larvae hatch, they will start their party from one room to another and infest any carpets in your home. You only notice their appearance when there is a visible spot of damage on your furniture.

Another important thing to note is that the favorite food of carpet beetles is dry grains and food. With that, the pantry will be the top risky area. The easiness in feeding habits, the tiny in size, massive in the number make these pests spread quickly.

How to Control Carpet Beetles?

It is normal to get frustrated by any trouble from pests caused to your precious carpets. So how to keep your carpets safe? Here are some solutions for your reference. These solutions will ask you to be persistent and patient. Solving the problem smartly and calmly will be a great way to stop the beetles’ infestation.

The first preventive measure is spraying insecticide on each and any entrance point outside the house. For indoors solution, frequency in vacuuming is needed, which seems to be sometimes tiring but fruitful.

Never let dirty clothes lay there and unwashed. How exhausting it is for you to do laundry every day, especially after a long working day. But it will surely pay off with a long-lasting carpet.

Next, you should store food products in air-tight packs. It is also important to have a closer look into the furniture and flower pots before bringing them into your house and see if there are any signals of carpet beetle present or not.

Last but not least, make sure to groom your pets regularly.

Some Last Words 

That is pretty much information about carpet beetles! For now, you must have found out the answer to what causes carpet beetles.

Are you ready to eliminate these pests from your house? All you need to do is clean your new habits, manage stain on fabrics properly, keep your room light, and find the right way to store animal-based items.

Hope you have the best result in dealing with carpet beetles! Cheer!

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