Best Time To Clean Gutters – How To Maintain Your Gutter

Having a house comes with great responsibility that involves keeping your home in good shape. Wind, heavy rain, and flood can significantly damage your house condition. Therefore, every house tends to equip gutters to direct water away from home.

If your gutter is well maintained, it can be an effective way to avoid damps and fungi caused by water damage. On the contrary, if you don’t usually clean it, a dirty gutter might become the potential cause of damaging your house.

Cleaning the gutter is not an enjoyable job, and you will be unlikely to clean it daily. So, when is the best time to clean gutters?

Let’s find out the answer and how to maintain your gutter properly in our next sections.

What Time of Year Should You Clean Out Your Gutters?

Risks Of Having Dirty Gutter

The gutter is a part of the house which not many people think of when maintaining the home. However, this can result in several major problems if you neglect your gutter for a long period:

Clogged downspouts collect rainwater and force it to seep into the walls of the house. This causes leaking water into the house and may damage your interior and exterior.

The water leak will then leave an excess amount of moisture, which is a perfect habitat for mold and mildew, as well as some insects and rodents.

In addition, hiring services to clean all this mess can cost you thousands of dollars! Such a large amount of cost can be effectively prevented if you clean your gutter properly.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Clean Your Gutters?


You might understand that cleaning the gutter is important work to do now. It is time to find out when is the best time to clean your gutter.

On average, you should clean your gutter twice every year. It is recommended that spring and fall are a good time for cleaning your gutter.

Why Do You Need to Clean in Those Seasons?

In the spring, the temperature gets warmer and makes it easier to scrape out any stubborn dirt sticking to the gutter.

As the fall is the time for trees to shred leaves, it can create an excessive amount of condensed mix of trash, leaves, branches, and debris on your gutter. Therefore, you might want to check your gutter more often during that time to avoid clogging.

Besides, another influencing factor is your home location. Take a look and see if your house’s surrounding has any of these features:

  • Big, large trees that have branches and leaves cover over your house?
  • Does your city have a lot of heavy rains and floods?
  • Does your state have snow?

The more features your neighborhood has, the more amount of time you need to check your gutter.

Tips For Cleaning Gutter

Some people might think cleaning the gutter is not an enjoyable job. It is time consuming and boring household tasks. That’s why we would like to give you some tips to make your cleaning process faster and more effective.

Before working on your dirty gutter, a few safety guidelines you need to take into account are:

Poor quality ladders can cause dangerous incidents in your life. Thus, we recommend you to use a relatively new ladder and inspect it before you use it. While using a ladder, you should ask someone to hold the end of the ladder so you can fix your position in one place.

Sometimes, dirty gutters can be a great spot for insects and animals to nest inside. You should inspect the gutter first to see if there’s any potential harm to your cleaning process.

When you’re cleaning with chemicals, we recommend that you wear protection such as gloves and eye protection to avoid damaging your skin with the chemical cleaning detergent.

Now that all safety precautions have been listed out, it is time for us to get into the task. Some equipment you can use to support your cleaning process:

Pressure Washer

Dirty debris and leaves might be too sticky to clean with a normal cleaning brush. Therefore, you can rely on the pressured water from the electric pressure washer to remove the trash quickly. Using a telescoping wand with a u-shape attachment can help you clean the gutter from the ground.

Yard Sweeper

Another tool for you to clean your gutter quickly is a yard sweeper or also called a leaf sweeper. Instead of using it for leaves on the ground, you can climb on the roof and blow all the leaves and debris in your gutter out. This process can take only a few minutes, which saves you from a lengthy cleaning task.

How To Maintain Your Gutter

Cleaning the gutter is a simple job, yet costs us a lot of effort and cleaning time. That is also the reason why we tend to neglect this part of the house.

Therefore, we believe that it is better to show you how to maintain your clean gutter for a long and sustainable usage.

Step 1: Clean Your Gutters

Get a ladder and necessary cleaning tools to clean all the excess dirt remaining in your gutters.

Step 2: Inspect Your Gutter

Check around to see if your gutter has any small holes or not. This can lead to a water leak and dampness in your house. If there are holes, you need to get a butyl rubber sealant, which is a gutter caulking compound, and spread them on the spots.

Step 3: Check the Downspouts

Sometimes, the dirt and trash can run from the gutter and compact at the downspouts. You can check if there’s any blockage inside it and remove the debris. Inserting a hose to the opening of downspouts and pushing all of them outside.


A damaging house can cost you thousands of dollars of hiring repairing service. One common reason causing damages is clogged gutters. Thus, it is necessary to take care of your gutter once in a while to maintain the house condition.

We hope that after our article, you will understand when is the best time to clean gutters and have motivation to maintain gutter with our simple tips and guidance. Cleaning the gutter is not a pleasant job, but it can be easier when you do it properly.

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