How To Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating

Vinyl plank flooring is becoming extremely popular even though some people prefer hardwood floors because it closely resembles hardwood floors, to the point that you might not realize the difference.  There are several vinyl planks in the market, ranging from less expensive ones to more expensive floor types, and they all keep up well over … Read more

Pocket the Right Answer: Is Bleach Bad For Grout?

Bleach has a significant disinfection effect due to the combination of an active component known as sodium hypochlorite. In microorganisms, this component can alter and eliminate their proteins. Additionally, it allows Bleach to be a viable alternative for destroying certain bacteria, fungus, and viruses. As I know, some people even use bleach for cleaning the … Read more

Can You Steam Clean A Microfiber Couch? Simple Guides, Tips, And Precautions

Microfiber couch has been familiar in many households recently due to its appearance and comfortable function. Still, many people, even myself, do not buy furniture only because they’re eye-catching. I often consider if that piece of furniture is easy to clean before buying it.  During this consideration, I’ve come across this inquiry “Can you steam … Read more