Can You Flush Tissues Down The Toilet?

There is a heated debate about whether we should flush tissue down the toilet or not. And if you have trouble with your clogged toilet, how will you address that problem. 

Can you flush tissues? This blog will give you answers to your inquiry with some useful clues and guide you on how to solve your tissues wisely.


Can You Flush Tissues Down The Toilet? 

Tissue is not a kind of paper that is made to decompose with ease when wet, and it is designed to use in some cases having moisture, such as: wipe up some snot or clean some liquid, and tissue isn’t water-soluble. Thus, if you have put tissues in the toilet regularly, you may run the risk of clogging the toilet. 

Toilets are constructed to address two key things only: toilet paper and human waste. If there is something else, keep it away from the toilet. 

Therefore, you should not put tissues down in the toilet. 

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What to Solove Your Toilet Clogged with Tissues?

From now on, you should avoid putting tissue down the toilet. If it is too late and your WC is already clogged, you will need to consider some tips below to apply.

Resolve By Yourself

Remember that you should try this way only when you can see stuck tissue at S-bend. You make an effort to seek something long and firm enough, even your hand (sorry) to tug it out.

There is a truth that it will feel unpleasant, but it will also reduce other complicated things. 

Use a Plunger

If your try fails, grasp your plunger, which is not expensive and should always be in your toilet to utilize in some emergency cases. 

Most of the latest plungers have bellows- shape designs, which are more effective than standard plungers. If this step works, you are going to be back in business with ease. 

Call a Plumber

If all else doesn’t work, it is probably time to contact a professional plumber who owns a variety of nifty appliances, specialist tools, and skills to unblock your toilet.

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What Is The Best Way To Dispose Of Tissues?  


If flushing tissues is not a great choice, then what is an excellent way to dispose of tissues. If you don’t have any idea, we are about to recommend a couple of options for you.

Compost Tissues

There is the fact that tissues are a good way to increase the level of carbon for compost piles. 

If this kind of paper is allowed in composts at your places, this is a great method, an environmentally friendly solution to dispose of compostable stuff. 

Throw Tissues Away 

If the first option is not suitable for you, then the best choice is that you follow what most residents do, specifically throwing your tissues into the dustbin. Although this method doesn’t probably contribute to environmental health, it will offer more sense than blocking tissue down your toilet.

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After reading our handy blog, we hope that the question “Can you flush tissues down in the toilet” might be answered clearly. Moreover, you would also know how to address your toilet clogged with tissues wisely. 

Best wishes to you, and please keep following us to collect more useful tips. Thank you.

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