Can You Vacuum Glass?- For Safe Glass Cleaning Process

It’s undeniable that you will accidentally smash things on the floor in your daily life, and that is the time when your vacuum cleaner shows up its strength. 

However, removing broken glasses is a different matter. It would be best to manage them immediately to avoid the chance of stepping on and hurting yourself.

If you don’t want to pick the pieces up one by one, you will use a vacuum cleaner instead. Still, can you vacuum glass? Carry on reading to find out the answer and the reason why. 


Can You Vacuum Glass? 

Undoubtedly, the vacuum cleaner does a very great job cleaning all the dirt, dust, and spills in the house. However, using it to clear up broken glasses may lead to some grave issues.There are two main reasons why it’s usually a No to pick up broken glasses by vacuum. The first one is about the harm done to your vacuum cleaner.

These shattered pieces are dangerous to your vacuum’s bag as they can create holes and tears in the room. Moreover, they can destroy the air filter, fan, and motor of your precious vacuum too.

Neither the big pieces nor the small ones can be the root of the damage since they can wreak severe ruin to the machine’s principal parts. These main elements are often hard to replace, which can cost you a considerable amount of money. 

You may not know that your vacuum won’t give any suction force with the shatters but spread them all-around your house. Especially those vacuum with a lengthy hose, the shards can be trapped for a while and then fall out when the machine is off. 

Additionally, those jams that get stuck on the brushes are also the reason for them scattered on the ground. So, the action of sucking up broken glasses by vacuum may put yourself at risk of being hurt. 

Still, there is a possibility that you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove broken glasses. Once your vacuum has a specialty against glass, it will be a yes to use it for cleaning up the glass shards. 

An old model may not work well in this case, yet a newer vacuum with high quality can be up for this task. 

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What You Can Use For Glass Cleanup 

Since you can’t use your vacuum to clean the mess, I will give you some alternative items to address this issue. They are all the things available in your house, so you don’t need to worry.

#1. Bread

Bread can help this situation since it will act as a sponge to collect all the small shards. All you have to do is take a slice and place it upon those broken glasses. 

Then, slightly press it till it sticks onto the slice. Once it covers up with the shatters, throw the piece away and get another one. This trick is useful for places that are difficult to reach. 

#2. Potato Trick

Potato trick

Cut a potato in half and press it against where it has shattered pieces so that they will cling and pierce on the potato’s surface. The moisture of the potato is a significant factor that helps to collect even the tiniest ones. 

Remember to throw it into the trash bin and clean up the starch residue after you’ve done with it. Potato is more efficient than others since it has a large surface and comfortably holds shape. Plus, it is affordable. 

#3. Tape

You can use either regular tape or the double-side one for this trick. Remember to unwrap the tape and dab it onto the area you want to clean up for the normal one. 

However, the double-sided tape method needs to have a support item such as gloves, clothes, etc. You will attach one side of the tape to the gloves and leave the other one blank. 

Then, you press it against the shards to pick them up. Continuously do it until the whole area is clean. 

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How To Clean Glass Safely 

Although you could use a new vacuum model to suck up the glass, you still have to do some preparations before getting your vacuum to work.

#1. Safety is The Priority

It would be best if you always listed security as a priority for cleaning or working. Therefore, get the children and the pets far away from the sections with broken glasses to avoid unintended accidents.

Next, put on a pair of shoes to protect yourself while cleaning. Wearing shoes is a must since stepping on glass can create serious injuries. It can also lead to infections if you let them stay for too long. 

Don’t and never wear flip flops or slippers to clear up the class because you’re giving them a chance to slip over and hurt you. A pair of closed-toe shoes will work the magic in this case. 

#2. Clean of Big Pieces of Glass

It will still damage your vacuum if you use it against big and large shards. So, after having put on shoes, grab your brush with a dustpan and get them to work. 

Just a reminder, you should shake your brush thoroughly to prevent any shards trapped on the broom bristles.  

If you want to clean them directly by hand, it’s important to wear gloves before starting to work. Choose thick latex gloves that are usually for the kitchen or garden to have better protection.  

Yet, be careful since they can still pierce the gloves and give you full blood wounds. Plus, don’t kneel while cleansing broken glass, but you can squat as it helps keep your knees and legs safe from being hurt. 

#3. Vacuum-Time!

After you have done with the first two steps, all you have to do now is vacuum the rest of the shatters on your floor like you normally would do. Easy peasy, right?

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In Closing 

I hope this post by Clairoliviawayman can help you have the information you need to answer can you vacuum glass. Furthermore, you can know how to have a safe cleaning process and many other options to go with instead of using a vacuum. 

Good luck with your work! Thank you for reading.

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