Is It Safe To Clean Eyeglasses With Alcohol? – Some Useful Information

Anyone with a pair of glasses will agree that there’s nothing worse than a smear right in front of your eyeglasses lens. When the cloth doesn’t seem to do the trick, alcohol comes to your mind. But is it safe to clean eyeglasses with alcohol? Let’s find out more about this through our article below.


Is It Safe To Clean Eyeglasses With Alcohol?

Almost every household will likely have some cleaning alcohol in their medicine cabinet. And if you’re wondering whether it’s safe to clean your eyeglasses with it, we are here to give you the answer that alcohol is not a safe option for your smudged lens. 

Well, one might say alcohol, specifically rubbing alcohol, is featured in many eyeglasses cleaning solutions. However, in most cases, it is diluted with water and only used in very small amounts because generally, alcohol itself is too harsh for most lenses. Hence, we recommend that you do not use any alcohol-based cleaning solutions for your eyeglasses. 

This happens similarly to your prescription glasses as well since they often come with a special coating on the lenses. By using alcohol-based products on them, you’ll risk melting off that coating! We bet that you do not want to waste such an investment, right? That’s why it’s best to refrain from using this substance to clean your eyeglasses.

What Should Be Used To Clean Your Glasses?

Now that we’ve known alcohol is not your best bet, the remaining question is “What should you use to clean eyeglasses then?”.

The safest option we would recommend is a gentle dish soap.

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Step 1: First, let’s put your glasses under some lukewarm water. Why must it be lukewarm? If the water is either too hot or too cold, you will surely decrease the lifespan of your special prescription glasses. 

Step 2: Up next, you can pour some simple dish soap into your fingertips and gently rub on both lenses, the frame, and the nose pad.

Step 3: Then, rinse it off with warm water and dry immediately with a microfiber cloth to prevent any residues left on your lenses. Be careful with other material cloths as they might leave your glasses fluff or even scratches. If there are still streaks afterwards, repeat these steps for a few times.

Another safe solution is to use lens wipes. They can easily be stored in your car or your purse and  come in pretty handy if you’re going out.

In The End…

Taking care of your glasses shouldn’t be something too complicated and stressful. Still, a pair of eyeglasses is quite an investment, so it’s important to provide proper care in order to last longer. 

Now you know the answer to the question: Is it safe to clean eyeglasses with alcohol? Just remember, as long as you steer clear of alcohol when cleaning your glasses, your eyes will thank you!

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