Ideal Answer to Question: Do Candles Clean The Air?

Millions of people are taking advantage of candles to beautify or brighten their living space. There is no doubt that lighting candles creates a cozy atmosphere. The natural lighting, the flickering flame, and the faint redolent of various scents provide a relaxing ambiance and a wide range of mental benefits. 


Thus, many restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, etc., light candles to create a comfortable feeling and stimulate appetite and spending.

However, the impacts of those candles on the air are still a question to many people. We tend to light candles without knowing if they purify the air. Burning candles indeed help you relax after hard-working days. But do candles clean the air

As far as we know, the answer depends on several factors. Just scroll through our article to figure out your answer.

Do Candles Clean The Air?

Candles have long been commonly used daily for various purposes. They brighten up dark spaces, release good smells, improve interior decorations, and give the place a romantic ambiance.

These dimmed flames with relaxing smells also play a vital role in improving mental health and refreshing our souls. 

What’s about the air we breathe? You may be aware that our environment nowadays is full of emissions and bad odors. There is conclusive evidence that polluted air reduces human longevity for up to two to three years. 

By lighting up some candles, bad smells from burnt dinners, bathing business, and other daily activities can be covered up. As a result, the air will be fresher to some extent.

However, not all types of candles are beneficial for the environment. Like paraffin candles, they are the worst “enemies” to the air since they are made from petroleum by-products. Thus, when burnt, these candles will release dangerous chemicals known to cause cancer, such as benzene, toluene, etc.

Then, other alternative choices are naturally-made candles such as beeswax or soy candles. These candles live up to customers’ expectations for improving health and purifying the air, covering up bad odors without emitting any harmful chemicals as they are made 100% pure beeswax or soy.

Do Beeswax Candles Purify The Air?


As we mentioned above, beeswax candles are a great option to maintain a clean and refreshing atmosphere in our living space.

According to manufacturers, beeswax candles are derived from pure beeswax and usually burn with almost no smoke or scents. Therefore, those who have asthma or allergy can consider trying beeswax candles.

It is also true that these candles work effectively at removing dust and allergens.

What is more, beeswax candles are claimed to release negative ions combined with toxins in the air, neutralize particles, and remove them from the air. As a result, you and your loved ones can experience better breathing.

Moreover, beeswax candles require a very high melting point, so they burn much slower, last longer, and leave little behind. Thus, you can save more money for buying new candles every time.

Can Candles Remove Bad Smell?

Long ago, candles have been used to deodorize unpleasant scents. For example, many people light candles after cooking to clear out oil smells or keep candles in their bathroom to get rid of bad odors after use.

This is mostly because burning candles can cover up unwanted scents as they release pleasant perfumes when being burned. Those scents from candles help mask bad odors, provide a fresh aroma, and make you feel like the air is becoming much purer. 

No one expects to experience unpleasant scents in their house after stressful days. We all want to take a deep breath and soak in an aromatic bubble bathing. Then light a scented candle, enjoy your day, and recharge your battery. We are sure that it will bring you incredible results.

Moreover, according to some scientific research, most pollutants have a positive ion charge, so when candles are burned, they release negative ions, which negate those positive ones. Therefore, the air becomes a lot fresher.

How to Light Candles Properly?

Despite all the benefits mentioned above, there are always hidden risks when burning candles. Therefore, to take full advantage of lighting candles, you should know some useful tips and tricks we are going to share below.

  • Ventilation: Never burn candles in an enclosed space as they will burn out all of the oxygen. Only light candles when the ventilation is ensured as well-ventilated areas allow the air to flow in and out smoothly.
  • A maximum of two hours: Stop burning candles after a maximum of two-hours of continuous burning. Let it cool before relighting it, and never light up a candle for a whole night.
  • Avoid containers: Avoid using candles packed in narrow-mouth containers as it may lead to unsteady airflow and increase sparkle. And remember to keep candles far from inflammable materials in your house.
  • Proper wick size: Pay attention to the wick size and choose one with the proper size. If the wick is too thick, the flame will soon catch on big fire and give off black smoke. You will not want it to happen, so trim the wick properly.


There is still a lot more to know about candles! It is undeniable that candles bring relaxation and improve mental health. Except for some chemical-based candles, almost all candles are made naturally, cause no harm to the environment, and provide people with better breathing. We all feel well with aromatic scents around so try lighting candles, but avoid those causing black smoke.

Candles are such a versatile item daily, providing us a cozy ambiance, relaxing feeling, and fresher air. Thus, it is worth spending time choosing suitable candles which are beneficial for both your health and the air you breathe.

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