Does Air Conditioner Purify The Air? – Learn How It Works

Let’s imagine that you are outside in the heat of a crazily hot summer day. The hot atmosphere is so unbearable that it feels like the hottest day on Earth. There is one thing, though, that keeps you going: You know that you’ll be inside your home with the air-conditioner in just a minute!

Air conditioners have become indispensable items in many houses, cars, offices, factories, etc. whenever summer comes. These useful devices help create a comfortable and cool environment. But besides the cooling function, what else can an air conditioner do? Does air conditioner purify the air?

You will no longer be confused because this article will give a clear answer. So let’s dig into this post right now!


How Does A Conditioner Work? 

In simple terms, an AC processes with the assistance of a refrigerant and many coils collecting hot air from a given space and then releasing cool air into the space.

The Room Air Cycle

When you switch the button to start your AC and set your preferred temperature, its thermostat detects a difference in the temperature between the space’s air and the temperature you selected.

The warm air goes through a grille at the indoor machine’s base and then passes over several pipes through which the refrigerant flows. 

The Hot Air Cycle

The refrigerant liquid absorbs the heat and becomes a hot gas. This process is how heat disappears from the air that lands on the coil of the evaporator. Remember that not only does this evaporator coil absorb heat, it also wrings out moisture from the incoming air, helping to dehumidify from the space.

This refrigerant gas is then moved on to the compressor located on the outside unit. True to its name, since compressing a gas raises its temperature, the compressor compresses the gas so that it becomes warmer.

After that, this high-pressure gas transfers to the third component – the condenser. This part condenses the hot gas so that it becomes a liquid.

The entire process above repeats over again and again until the AC reaches the desired temperature. To conclude, an AC device continues drawing in warm air and releasing cool air back into the room until there is no more warm air left to cool.

Air Purifier Vs Air Conditioner – What Are The Differences?

People often favor air purifiers as they provide several health purposes. An air purifier helps eliminate contaminants like dust, smoke, bacteria, and so on, causing health issues if untreated. 

The two air purifiers – the HEPA filters use a complex filter to remove particles and the ionizers that use electrostatic means to remove particles.

Air conditioners are popular devices for comforting purposes. It replaces the warm air with the cooler one. However, some people often misunderstand air conditioning devices as an air cleaning system.  

An air conditioner and air filter can carry out the function of cooling the environment and creating a pollution-free surrounding. Nevertheless, you should know that air filters can provide cleaning air for a short time and is not the main air purification method.

Does Air Conditioner Purify The Air?

Let’s go to our main part today – Does air conditioner purify the air?

The air conditioner works primarily in heating and cooling functions. Still, it is crucial to remember that as good as these functions mentioned above are, they cannot purify the air from the surrounding environment. Air conditioners only specialize in achieving a comfortable atmosphere for domestic and industrial uses.

When paired with air filters, air conditioners can still not achieve the goal of perfect purification. The AC can only work for a short time by trapping the pollution and particulate matters within it. This also has a detrimental effect that makes it easy for trapped particles to free into the atmosphere again.

In a nutshell, we can assert that: The air conditioner can not purify the air.

How To Care For An Air Conditioner?

Over time, air conditioners surely become less effective, especially if you don’t take care of them regularly. Although some of these issues are unavoidable due to the device’s age, problems are caused by dirt, dust, and grime that are avoidable if you perform the proper maintenance.

When some parts of your AC get dirty from infrequent cleanups, the whole machine must work harder and use more energy to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere. Follow these cleaning steps to save money and maintain your air conditioner.

  • Schedule Your Annual Tune-Up in the Spring
  • Change the Air Filter
  • Clean the Return Air Ducts
  • Check the Pipe Insulation of Your Air Conditioner
  • Pay Attention to the Ductwork
  • Give Your Wiring an Inspection
  • Clean the Outside Compressor
  • Give Your System a Break

You have been using your AC for a good long time, and it suddenly stops working properly due to its age? The best way to bring your cooling bills down is to purchase a new one.

It may seem to be a large amount of payment in one go, but you’ll thank yourself later with the savings you experience, not to mention all the future breakdowns and repairs that you can avoid.

The Final Verdict

Be sure that you have got the key to the question: Does air conditioner purify the air. In a nutshell, purchasing both an air conditioner and air purifier is a great way for you to enjoy a clean and refreshing atmosphere fully. 

While an air conditioner brings a cooling environment to your room, an air purifier helps clean all harmful dust and microbes in the air. Let’s combine the best of both worlds by purchasing them both!

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