Does Wash And Wax Work? – Reveal The Myth

Wash and Wax shampoo, or soap, like its name, is an innovative product that kills two birds with just one stone, except it doesn’t kill actual birds. What it does is remove dirt and light stains on the car’s surface, like any other car cleaning substances, while adding an extra layer of wax to protect the paint.

This option helps car owners save time in grooming their cars without having to skip any steps. Yet, does Wash and Wax work like they say? Or is it just another marketing trap? We’re about to find out!

Do Wash and Wax Car Soaps Work?

Do Wash and Wax Car Soaps Work?

Let’s get straight to the answer: Yes, technically, yes. Having a light layer of wax is better than none at all. If you ask why, here come the answers. Waxing the car can help you avoid scratches while making the paint shiny and fresh. No doubt, waxing is an important part of the maintenance routine, yet doing it will inevitably consume a huge amount of time.

For a regular washed car, the wax portion from a Wash and Wax shampoo can boost the current wax layer of the car’s paint. It’s enough to outweigh the loss amount of wax caused after the cleaning process. Using this cleaner should give you a maximum of 4 days of protection and shine. 

Besides, wax from this dual-purposed product can dwell through spots that are exposed to rusting elements, yet often ignored by car owners. Having extra protection can’t hurt anyone, only for the better.


After Wash And Wax Shampoo, Should You Wax Again?

Though convenient and less time-consuming, Wash and Wax can replace neither washing nor waxing completely in car grooming. Using a single-purposed product is always better than a dual-purpose one. Therefore, adding a proper waxing step after Wash and Wax is recommended. 

A layer of spray wax drying agent would pair nicely with Wash and Wax. And for the best result, get them from the same brand or manufacturer as they tend to work together better than cross brands. It won’t take much extra time, and you can preserve the paint’s durability and shine for quite a while.

Final Thought

While hand-applied waxing is the best way to preserve the car’s value, a fact not every car owner knows is that waxing your vehicle also damages it.

Hence, we only recommend fully hand-waxing the car’s body twice to three times per year. But using Wash and Wax to add light protection isn’t affecting the body that much.

On the contrary, it’s quite a common way to take care of your car between each hand-waxing period. So, does Wash and Wax work? You just got your answer: Wash and Wax does work.

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