Eco Friendly Alternatives To Paper Plates

Summer is coming soon. Have you already prepared something for your picnics and outdoor cooking meals?

Maybe you knew that paper and plastic plates had been around for a long time. Yet, they are not biodegradable, which causes serious pollution to the environment. 

Fortunately, when it comes to disposable tableware for picnics, there are eco-friendly alternatives to paper plates that you can purchase as below.


Eco Friendly Alternatives To Paper Plates

VerTerra Tablewares

VerTerra is made from two extremely eco-friendly products, palm leaf, and water. Whether you throw away this product after use, it will biodegrade rapidly within two months.

VerTerra is famous for becoming a company specializing in the production of environmentally-friendly and high-quality dishes and plates. Products from this brand are recognized as highly biodegradable since they come from 100% renewable resources.

What’s more, VerTerra products are very popular in the market, so you can easily find them.

The Fallen Leaves Collection is one of the most sought-after items of VerTerra. Consider switching to these awesome plates for your meals for convenience and long-time use instead of paper plates.

The brand is currently introducing more and more new models to bring great user experiences. Hence, many people consider them stylish and luxurious for hearty meals. VerTerra’s collection is truly high-quality tableware.

Tablewares from Bare by Solo Brand

A great initiative for nature lovers is Bare by Solo. You can rest assured when using this biodegradable, and environmentally safe, convenient tableware. Bare by Solo products are born to reduce the amount of carbon coming from foodservice facilities.

Everybody should start replacing plastic drinking utensils with convenient products from Bare by Solo’s collection. With dozens of convenient products, good food transport, and storage capacity, Bare by Sola is increasingly resonating for itself in the worldwide market.

The biggest selling points of Bare by Sola are its light green tableware and outstanding biodegradability.

World Centric

Have you ever heard of the World Centrics collection? This can also be considered a very great replacement for all-paper plates.

World Centric products are made up of agricultural fibers of wheat straw. As can be seen, this resource is completely easy to find and very environment-friendly.

Not only does World Centrics products have an amazing reproduction ability, but this brand’s plates and dinnerware could work in both microwave and freezer. What a surprise!

Of course, the manufacturer has made these high-quality plates so you can comfortably use them to carry cold or hot food without additional plastic storage or wax.

Veneer Ware Tablewares

Do you want to play a role in protecting a green – clean – beautiful environment? It would help if you considered using reusable and eco-friendly items such as the products from Veneer Ware.

Veneer Ware includes a wide range of products made from 100% organic bamboo under “Bambu production line.”

The great thing is, after removing the Veneer Ware items, you can see that Veneer Ware products will biodegrade in just 4-6 months with no effort required. The durability of these plates is also table-free, their strength is high, and they are difficult to break.

With the ability to reuse many times, easy to clean, and durable, Veneer Ware products are increasingly popular in the market. 

More specifically, these goods can prove to be free of any chemicals with USDA biological certification. Accordingly, please rest assured to utilize these awesome items under any circumstances.

Preserve Products

Preserve owns a series of products made from recycled plastic. Amazingly, 65% of recycled plastic comes from used yogurt containers. 

Preserve brand offers a wide range of products such as mixing bowls, mugs, cutting boards, plates, tableware, and food containers, all of which come from recycled plastic.

Preserve’s motto is to reuse materials and reduce waste in the environment. Its products are BPA-free and very safe for use in the microwave.

The main source of plastic used to make the main products is recycled polypropylene. That is great as Preserve has so far reused more than 100 tons of recycled materials to create its products.

Wasara Tablewares

WASARA starts from the passion for designing cookware that can only be used once, fully complements the dishes you serve, and provides a warm and welcoming space. Those panels can decompose themselves around two months after disposal.

100% Bagasse Products (via Branch Home)

The sugar refining process will produce other sub-products such as bagasse and sugarcane fibers. It is nice that the goods of bagasse are biodegradable, even compostable.

Also, in a freezer or refrigerator, you can completely use these 100-percent Bagasse items that are much more durable than regular paper plates.

Therefore, 100% of the world’s bagasse products are increasingly popular.


Chinet advertises its products as fully biodegradable and compostable, made from 100% pre-consumption recyclable materials (collected from milk carton processing and paper). These items of Chinet are definitely environment-friendly.

Palm Leaf Products

Palm Leaf brand produces extremely friendly kitchen gadgets in protecting a green – clean – beautiful environment. Its strategy is to use the fall Areca palm – a natural material extremely beneficial for the environment.

After rinsing the palm leaves with water, the manufacturer continues to heat them to create the desired shape. From there, the tableware was created with many unique shapes and designs. 

Interestingly, this tableware manufacturing process uses no wax or chemicals, but only 100% natural ingredients. 

The Palm Leaf brand claims to be ready to create extremely eco-friendly dishes without compromising on the culinary experience or the health of the user. Furthermore, using a Palm Leaf product is also an effective way to say “no” to plastic.

Our Final Words

The paper plate manufacturing industry grew day by day, but many people also discovered harmful ingredients in paper plates. This toxicity will certainly bring negative consequences to humans’ health.

Accordingly, scientists have been working hard to study the eco friendly alternatives to paper plates for the market. At the same time, these initiatives have brought significant meaning to global environmental protection.

If you are a nature lover, act right away to protect our health, the environment, and other species on our planet. Each contributor to the community will bring a huge wave of meaning to environmental improvement.

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