How To Clean 925 Silver: Easy And Effective Ways

There will be times when you get freaked out, seeing your favorite silver jewelry turn old and dull. Why not try out our cleaning methods at home and get blown away by their effectiveness. 

Ever since we discovered this secret, we have cleaned every silver object in our house using the method. The feeling that everything is shiny again makes us feel excited, and we feel like we’ve just rescued those items.

This magic technique will help you clean any silver 925 objects, not only jewelry but also knives, forks, candlesticks, or anything you want, as long as it’s made of 925 silver. Let’s do it!


How To Clean 925 Silver

The method below is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective to clean 925 silver!

What You Need:

  • A bowl (or any vessel of the size that suitable for the silver items you want to de-tarnish)
  • 1 sheet of aluminum foil
  • Boiling water
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda for each cup of water
  • A kitchen tongs or a spoon
  • A dry towel (the best is a microfiber towel)

Here Are The Instructions on How to Carry Out This Method:

(1) Take your bowl and line it with aluminum foil, shiny side up.

(2) Boil the water (you should prepare enough water to fit the bowl).

(3) Add the salt and baking soda to the bowl. Mix and stir everything together to dissolve the salt and baking soda. If the salt does not dissolve, it can scratch your objects.

(4) Place your silver items in the bowl gently. You can put many items as long as they fit into the bowl. Your silver items must touch the aluminum foil – It is needed to create the chemical reaction.

(5) Then, wait for 2 to 5 minutes. If the dull level is too bad, you can wait up to 10 minutes.

(6) Take your items out with kitchen tongs or a spoon. Be careful; do not burn yourself.

(7) Wash it under cold water.

(8) Finally, you can polish it with a dry towel.

You will be surprised when seeing all the tarnish disappear and your silver come back as good as new!

Tips To Keep Your 925 Silver Jewelries Looking Like New

Silver jewelry tends to lose its shine over time and even go black. It is tarnish – the result of a chemical reaction between silver and sulfur in the air.

You are wondering whether there was any way to prevent the cause of tarnish? There are several steps you can take to avoid this chemical reaction on your 925 silver jewelry.

(1) Wearing: 

You can avoid tarnishing by wearing jewelry regularly. The oil on your skin will protect the silver from the air and keep it looking shiny.

(2) Avoid Contact: 

Contact with household chemicals, sweat, rubber, chlorinated water, or any sulfur-containing substance (example: mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions, rubber, wool) will cause corrosion and dullness.

(3) Avoid Direct Sunlight:

It also dulls the silver, so be sure to remove your silver jewelry before swimming and sunbathing.

(4) Avoid Cosmetic:

Lotions, cosmetics, hairspray, and hair products, perfumes are also made 925 silver pieces of jewelry tarnish faster.

In Conclusion

Using baking soda with Aluminum foil is a perfect answer to the question, “how to clean 925 silver”.

Even in the toughest of tarnish situations, this tip will clean your jewelry quickly in 5 – 10 minutes (depending on your silver condition). It is easy, cheap, and incredibly effective! We hope you enjoy this method!

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