How To Clean A USB-C Port On Phone – With 3 Cool Items

You often use cable to transfer data or connect the electric power via the USB-C port on your phone. However, due to its small size, the debris accumulated for a long time is difficult to get out. 

One day, you figure out this port is the “shelter” of a “mess,” all of which are dirt and debris. This drives you mad. You desire to get rid of all these annoying objects out of your port at once. But how to clean a USB-C port on phone?


Why Should You Clean USB-C on Your Phone?

With the small size, you may find the USB-C port quite handy to use on your phone. Owing to this tiny magnitude, a potential concern is: dirt and small debris often accumulate and stay there. 

Of course, when covered with dirt and dust, this port on the phone will no longer be “sharp.” The efficiency is not high since you often feel the plug is loose, data transmission is very slow or sometimes your phone disconnects to the power.

Everybody wants their electronics to look new and clean. The stubborn debris present in a small device hole will annoy the users much.

Hence, it is vital for you to immediately update the “quality” tools as simple as below to save time and clean up the mess in the USB-C port rapidly.

How To Clean A USB-C Port On Phone?

USB-C transmits both data and power over a single cable

You see, dirt and tiny particles are very common in your USB-C port. It makes the connectors lose and difficult to link. Also, the accumulation of dirt is a favorable environment for bacteria growth.

Cleaning the USB-C port is not complicated, yet you need to be meticulous and careful to avoid damaging the delicate and tiny connectors.

Before cleaning, you bear in mind to ensure power off the device. As such, you will avoid a short circuit while using metal materials or in contact with water (liquid).

To safely tidy up the USB-C port, try using the beneficial tools below:

Compressed Air

Have you ever heard of compressed air? This can be considered as the best option for cleaning electronic devices. It would help if you sprayed a few times into the USB-C port on your phone in order to get rid of dirt and debris.

In some cases, you will likely need to spray the air with a thin nozzle that creates a moderate angle when it comes into contact with the USB-C port. You can easily get rid of most stubborn dirt thanks to this “awesome” compressed air canister.


Compressed air is the No.1 safety tool. Nevertheless, with the dirt that compressed air also has to “lose,” you need to be very careful when taking these “obstinate” deposits to avoid hurting the metal connectors.

Toothpick – more useful than you think

In this case, the wooden toothpick is most efficient. You could separate the toothpick in half, flat enough to squeeze into each tiny corner of the smartphone’s USB-C port.

You can also use any other sharp, small and thin object instead, as long as it is not metal.

For instance, the metal pin or safety pin is too sharp and hard that may harm the USB-C port or lead to an electrical incident.

After selecting the right cleaning tool, you insert it into the USB-C port’s narrow end gently. Slide down this tool to the bottom of the port, and then gently move the toothpick tip around to push out the dirt.

Isopropyl Alcohol

If you cannot treat dirt using the two methods above, isopropyl alcohol will help you resolve particularly stubborn dirt. This type of tool is commonly used when food or liquid is ingrained.

In terms of usage, you dampen a small cotton pad and wrap it around a wood toothpick. Then move the toothpick around each corner and edge in the USB-C port on your phone. This helps you avoid alcohol evaporation when you have not ended up cleaning the USB port yet.

The best rate for this alcohol when using is 99%. At this rate, the product will maximize efficiency. What’s more, you note avoiding using too much isopropyl alcohol to not injure the oleophobic coating on display and the water-resistant rubber seals in some locations on the phone.

Have a Repair From The Store

In case you are unable to do the cleaning yourself or don’t have time, go to reputable stores to clean the USB-C port. This process may cost more, yet the professional staff there will also make you feel secure.

Maintain The USB-C Charging Port on Your Smartphone Sanitary in The Future

After the cleaning steps, some simple methods you can take to keep the USB port clean play an important role in the future. These suggestions below are not necessarily perfect but help you limit the number of USB-C port cleaning times (every few months) on your phone.

Shelter Port With Tape

Surely this is a very simple suggestion and easy to follow. Just take a piece of tape and stick it on the port to prevent dirt from entering the inside of the USB-C port.

After a while, the tape may leave residue behind after using it for a time. But at least, it is easier to clean than the dirt that is deposited in the USB-C port.

Cover the USB-C Port By a Case

It is not a bad idea to buy a dedicated sturdy case that holds all of your electronics to preserve the best.

After buying a case for your phone, you “invest” in purchasing a USB-C cover with a lid that can be opened-closed when needed.

Once used, going on covering that USB-C port is very easy. This can be a bit more expensive, but keeping the USB-C port clean is effective.

Use Dust Plug

If you are not the type of person who likes to use cases or what kind of USB-C port covers, you should think about using an independent dust plug instead.

Stand-alone dust plugs include small rubber or plastic pads that are just the USB-C port’s right size. They prevent dirt, small debris, and even fluff from entering the gate.

It is not complex to assemble, yet you should notice as it may be lost easily when you take it out. Also, Amazon is a good choice, the price is relatively low.


The USB-C port in any electronic device such as tablets, laptops, smartphones has a high risk of getting dirt, dust, and tiny debris. This is easy to explain when dust once “got” into the small USB port; it is tough to fly out and piles up more and more there.

At that time, you notice that the USB cable is loose or unstable when plugged into the phone. Therefore, you need to learn how to clean a USB-C port on phone to F5 your USB-C port quickly. 

Hope this Clairoliviawayman‘s instructions do you good. Good luck!

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