Top 4 Common Tips To Clean Korean BBQ Grill

Barbecue is such delicious food that no one can say no because of its fascinating flavor and a sight for sore eyes exterior. It is absorbing for eating, but remnants of a BBQ party are equally fatiguing.

However, you can be over the hump now with our effective ways to clean Korean bbq grill.

How to clean Korean Grill

How To Clean Korean BBQ Grill?

There are two different types of Korean grill on the market: Normal grill and electric grill.

Korean Normal BBQ Grill

Normal grill is used for gas and charcoal, so it is hard to clean because of stubborn burnt foods and grease stains. Therefore, we would like to share with you some follow tips to clean this grill.  

Method 1: Soap And Hot Water

This is a universal way. Steep the grill into a mixture of hot water and soap for a few minutes because hot water can help soften stains and increase soap’s effect. After that, you sponge it carefully. This step will need some elbow grease if the smears are a firm hand.

Method 2: Onion

Cut the onion in half and rub it into the exterior of the hot grill. You should perform the cleaning as soon as you finish the baking so that leftover and burnt food cannot adhere to the grill. Now, you dip the other half of the onion into the cooking oil or olive oil to film over on the grill. This step lessens stains of food.                          

If you coat the grill before baking, you can fire this onion in the charcoal to increase food smell.

Method 3: Metal Scourer

With big and strong stains, you can scrub it with the metal scourer when the grill still is hot and wash it with soap and water. However, you should be cautious in washing because metal wires perhaps are stuck in the grill. It is so terrible if you swallow these wires when they stick into food.

Korean Electric Bbq Grill

This grill is so modern and easy to clean because of the non-stick coating. You only wash it with soap and a soft sponge. You can rinse it with hot water if you like. In some grills, you also have to clean the drip pan, which holds almost redundant grease.

Notes in Using Korean Bbq Grill

When using a grill for a long time in baking, the grease of food will drip and catch fire easily. Therefore, you should prepare some grills to change to decrease stains. 

Besides that, you also need to keep an eye on the fire. On the one hand, too much fire will be burning easily, leading to cancer, but on the other hand, too small fire will produce a pall of smoke that badly affects the smell and the atmosphere of the party.


Cleanliness is next to godliness, and likewise, the barbecue. The clear grill will help increase this dish’s flavor, so you need to know these tricks to clean the Korean BBQ grill to make your grill spotless.

Next time, you should try applying these ways and feel the difference. I hope you have a wonderful BBQ party. Good luck!

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