How To Clean Loafers Shoes? Solutions For Your Loafers

Besides its youthful design, a pair of loafers is also comfortable to use. You can wear these shoes in any circumstances, whether it is a polite or casual event. With the frequency of use, your shoes can get stains easily. How to clean loafer shoes in the right way? Here is all you need to know!


How To Clean Loafers Shoes 

For different materials of shoes, you will need different solutions for cleaning. The following is the solution for each type.


Due to its soft grain texture, your suede shoes prefer cleaning with a soft brush. You can buy these brushes in any shoe shop.  If your loafer has the label of caring requirement, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As suede material is sensitive to water, for normal scruffs and dirt, you should clear them without using any liquid.

First, you lightly brush the suede loafer with a cleaning brush to remove the dust accumulated on it. Rather than brush your loafer back and forth, you should move your brush in only one direction. When you get rid of this grime layer, you will have your shoes look like new.

You can remove them with a crepe rubber or pencil eraser for some marks or scuffs that you cannot clean using a brush.

When you finish the cleaning process, you can spray a thin cover of suede protector on your loafer. By doing so, you can prevent marks and stains from appearing on your shoe for the next time of using.


For leather material, you can clean the dirt with a mixture of white vinegar and water in the same amount. When your loafers are dry, you can use a soft cloth to rub the stains off.

You can use a cloth dipped into the liquid of baking soda and water to buff the scuffs for harder stains. Lastly, when your shoes are dry, you can buff them off once more time to have them perfectly clean.

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In case your loafer is muddy, you should wait for your shoes to be dry completely before the cleaning process. You can then smack your sneaker on the pavement to knock off loose dirt (if any). For the next step, you use a damp cloth to wipe any remaining dirt.

From the inside out, you rinse your canvas loafer with warm water. During this time, you can scrub your loafer gently with a toothbrush. If it is essential, you can use a combination of mild detergent and water to clean the stain. And then, you rinse your loafer again with cool water.

Last Words

That is all you need to know about How to clean Loafers shoes. For each type of material, you might now have a solution for any stain appearing on your shoes, right? Let’s try the above method and see if it works out well for your sneakers! Cheer!

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