How To Clean Suede Vans – Quick and Deep Tips

After a session of playing soccer, basketball, or golf, your Vans shoes are covered with stubborn and obnoxious stains. You begin to feel puzzled, wondering how to get rid of all those stains completely.

Keep following the topic today: “How to clean Suede Vans” and you can restore your precious Suede Vans to its mint condition through these most simple steps.


Why should Suede Vans be Cleaned Carefully?

Vans is a well-known shoe brand in the world. They are not only valuable in terms of quality but also are well-earned with the fans. Any shoe needs very careful maintenance so as to prolong its longevity and beauty, not just your Vans.

On the market, the price of suede Vans is not low. Hence, learning how to clean them is also an economical way. Instead of buying a new pair and tossing your old ones away, follow these basic yet valid cleaning steps below.

How to Cleaning Suede Vans Thoroughly

Quick Cleaning Step

Suede is high-priced and easily damaged, so you ought to apply the least expensive and simplest way every time you wash it.

For suede Vans with loose laces, you remove them all and wash the laces separately.

Next, you use a soft brush to remove dry mud, dirt, or debris stuck on Vans shoes. You could clap two shoes together, then using your hands to stroke them back is also a good idea if you do not have a brush.

Some people use specialized sports shoe wipes. They are capable of removing some of the stains and blemishes on your shoes. However, when shopping, pay attention to the shoe cleaning products’ quality and packaging to ensure your beloved Vans’ safety.

After all, to clean the white rubber around the shoe’s sole, you use a magic eraser.

Here are some of the most basic steps to making your shoes look like new. But with stubborn stains, a more specialized plan is needed.

Deep Cleaning Step

For the deep cleansing step, try creating a mixture with equal amounts of water and white vinegar. Soak the cloth in the mix, so the stain is submerged. Then, you let the shoes dry naturally after the stains are eliminated.

If the stain still does not go away, try another method by stirring a few drops of detergent into a small cup. Use a toothbrush to gently blot the soapy water into the stain and rub gently. Next, a dedicated suede brush should be used to smooth the fabric before letting it drain.

In general, the manufacturer of Vans has a dedicated and safe cleaning product for its creation. Accordingly, you may feel it convenient during trying this product.

Anyway, if you can not fix your beloved suede Vans on your own, take them to a specialized store. But this is only the last resort as it will be money-consuming.

Saving Suede Vans 

Protecting your shoes is about saving smart on preserving your wealth for the long term and avoiding buying too many replacement pairs. Because shopping too much leads to an insignificant item mess in your room.

A dedicated protective spray is often very popular to save the Suede Vans shoes. You spray the solution on the boots to help the material waterproof and prevent stains from sticking. Thanks to that, the shoes’ beauty will be maintained more upstairs and not wasted much time on cleaning shoes.

Vans usually come with a cleaning kit that includes a protective spray and deodorant spray for the Vans shoes. It would be best to buy yourself a piece of equipment to protect the items you love.


Now you understand how to clean Suede Vans shoes, don’t you? Let’s roll up your sleeves to start refreshing Vans shoes right away. 

I hope you will get the results you want!

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