Do You Know How To Clean Under Armour Shoes In The Right Way?

When you have already bought a pair of under armour shoes, you can easily find the cleaning instructions on the cards attached to your shoes. Follow step by step in the guides, and you can know how to clean under armour shoes.

However, you wonder if you are following the right instructions. Generally, there are some basic requirements, so you could follow our directions to look after your shoes well.


How To Clean Under Armour Shoes

Prepare Suitable Cleaning Tools

Having the suitable cleaning items ready for shoe cleaning is the first requirement. The material of shoe covers usually offers you to use some special soft tools. We can use some items as the list below:

  • A piece of sponge
  • A brush with soft threads
  • A toothbrush
  • Light washing-powder
  • A soft towel

Remove Dust On Your Shoes Before Cleaning

After preparing enough cleaning tools, should we start to wash shoes immediately? Should not. Experienced consumers always advise removing dust first to limit the dirty areas from spreading when your shoes get wet.

As we mentioned above, we should use a brush and a toothbrush to flick off the dust on the corners or shoes’ slits. Some details and vignettes of under armour shoes also need cleaning with a brush. 

After that, we can use a dry towel to remove dust on areas such as the toe-cap, two-beside-area, and the heel of the shoe. When finishing removing dust, you have completed the first step in the cleaning process.

Clean With Washing Powder

After cleaning the outside of the shoes, now you mix the appropriate amount of washing powder into water to have a cleaning solution. Dip a sponge into the detergent mixture to rub around the shoes, and continue to use a brush and a toothbrush to scrub the shoes’ area. Keep scrubbing the shoes until you feel satisfied with cleanness.

Rinse With Water

After covering the cleaning solution on the under armour shoes, and in this step, you rinse to remove the washing powder. Use a towel to gently rub the shoes in warm water.

Dry The Shoes

Drying is the final step in the cleaning under armour shoes instruction. It would be best if you preserve your shoes in a dry, cool place, but you should notice avoiding direct sunlight. 

The temperature of the sun helps your shoes dry quickly, but sunlight is not always good. When the airing time is longer, the light can decrease the durability of the shoes. Keeping the shoes at room temperature is better.

Do You Know How To Clean Under Armour Shoes?

Certainly, you have for yourselves an answer. We hope with your guides,  now you learn how to clean under armour shoes. Always keep the shoes in an airy place and wipe off the outside shoes’ areas with a dry towel after your trips.

By the way, when you want to clean deeply, it will be easier. It’s great when you exchange your experience about cleaning under armour shoes with your friends. You can study more from them.

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