How to Clean Wrestling Shoes? What to Know Before Washing Wrestling Shoes

Like any other type of shoes, wrestling shoes are made from specific materials to make them suitable for wrestling activities. Therefore, we need to clean the shoes with the right methods and cleaners to enhance their lifespan. In this article, we are going to show you how to clean wrestling shoes step-by-step!

With the information we share, you will be able to safely clean your wrestling shoes, take care of them, and get rid of the bad smell. Stay tuned for our advice!


How to Clean Wrestling Shoes? Step-By-Step Guide 

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Method 1: Disinfect the Shoes

Step 1: Choose the Right Disinfectant

It is really important to choose the right disinfectant for your wrestling shoes. The disinfectant needs to be effective for bacteria and fungi.

Before using them for your shoes, spend time reading the ingredients, functions, and instructions of the product for the best results. 

Step 2: Clean Your Shoes

Spray the disinfect solution on your entire shoes, then wipe them carefully. Remember to focus on the soles because they are normally dirtier than other parts.

Tips: As many people use the wrestling mat, the mat might be dirty and contain so much bacteria and dirt. So, when you are using your shoes, try not to touch the mat too frequently. 

Method 2: Get Rid Of Bad Smell Scuffs

It is quite easy to get scuffs on while you are wrestling. But do not worry; it is simple to deal with the scuffs. Fortunately, the ingredients used for scuffs will work pretty well for getting rid of bad smells, too. And here is how:

Step 1: Make a Cleaner with Baking Soda

First, you need to mix baking soda and water to form a solution.

Step 2: Clean off the Scuff

Now, dip one part of a cloth into the baking soda solution, then rub it on the scuffs. You can also add a little bit of toothpaste on the surface of the scuffs and see how wonderful it works. 

Step 3: Clean with Wet Cloth

After the scuffs are gone, use a wet cloth to clean the solution off. If baking soda does not work so well, you can use other alternative cleaners such as toothpaste, dishwasher, erasers, or nail polish remover. 

Method 3: Use a Washing Machine

Before putting your shoes on the washing machine, you need to check the label to ensure your type of shoes are fine for machine-wash.

If you cannot see the information on the label, search the name of your shoes on the Internet to know about their materials, then check if the materials are suitable for machine washing or not. 

Step 1: Prepare Before Washing

Before you wash your shoes, take the insoles out. Prepare a pillowcase or a washing bag, then put the shoes and insoles in there. In case your shoes are too dirty, you can wash the dirt first and put them in the machine later.

Step 2: Choose the Right Washing Mode

  • Option 1: Choose “Cold Water” Setting for Most Shoes

Coldwater mode is the safest way to wash your shoes. So after putting your shoes in the machine, do not forget to choose this cleaning mode. 

  • Option 2: Choose “Warm” or “Hot” Setting for Extremely Dirty Shoes

If your shoes are too stinky and dirty, then warm or hot washing mode will help. 

Step 3: Dry the Shoes

After you’re done washing, let’s air-dry the shoes and the insoles separately. 

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What Can I Do to Take Care of Wrestling Shoes?

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Do Not Machine Wash Them Too Often

For the shoes that are not suitable for machine wash, never wash them with a machine no matter how urgent you want to use the shoes. 

If your shoes are machine washable, then go for it, but we recommend not to use machines on them too often because it might affect the quality and shape of your shoes. 

Disinfect Them Frequently

Disinfecting your shoes is quite easy and does not consume too much time. Please make sure you always have the disinfect cleaner with you and clean your shoes when they get dirty. 

Clean the Insoles Often Enough

The insoles are the first part of your shoes that stink, so it is really important to wash the insoles frequently enough instead of cleaning the whole shoes. If you can take the insoles out, you can wash them a few times a week if you often use your shoes. 

If your insoles are too dirty and can get smelly pretty fast, consider getting a few pairs of insoles and throw the old ones away. Having a few pairs of insoles available will help your shoes stay clean and convenient, while you can spend less time washing both insoles and shoes. 

Always Follow Your Shoes’ Instruction and Label

Make sure you always read the label to know what best to do for your shoes. For example, you cannot take the insoles out of some wrestling shoes. And in this case, you will need to clean the insoles when they are still inside the shoes. 

Some wrestling kicks are not suitable for washing machines or dryers, and the label normally lets you know this information. To protect your shoes’ quality, just follow the instructions, and your shoes will be in good condition for a much longer time. 

Even when your shoes can be put on dryers or washing machines, you will also need to choose the right washing mode, the right dryer temperature, and other settings to protect your shoes from damage. 

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Unlike many other regular shoes, wrestling shoes have quite different cleaning methods. To keep the shoes clean and high-quality at the same time, you should follow their instructions and cleaning techniques. 

After reading this blog, we are sure you now know how to clean wrestling shoes in safe ways. With the information we provided, we hope you can maintain your shoes’ quality and always have a comfortable feeling in your clean shoes while practicing your favorite sports.

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