How to Get Rid of Broccoli Smell in Your Fridge and after Cooking

Broccoli is healthy and super nutritious. However, this vegetable has quite a strong aroma, and its smell might be unpleasant for some people to have in their refrigerators or house after cooking. Here in this blog, we will give you easy methods and tricks of how to get rid of broccoli smell easily with easy-to-find ingredients. 

For now, let’s see what we can use to neutralize the scent!

How to get rid of broccoli smell after cooking

How to Get Rid of Broccoli Smell in Your Refrigerator

Deep Cleaning Your Fridge with Vinegar or Dishwasher Fluid

The best way to remove the broccoli smell and keep your fridge clean is by cleaning it. After using your fridge for a while, many types of odors can stay in your fridge and make it feel unpleasant. So, the deep cleaning can give you back the fresh smell. 

Step 1: Turn the Fridge off and Take all of Your Food Out 

You should take all the food out to ensure the cleaning process will go smoothly for deep cleaning. 

Step 2: Choose Your Cleaner

Option 1: Vinegar

Vinegar is super useful for removing odors, but you should not use it too much because its acidic smell is also unpleasant to smell. You can mix vinegar and water with the ratio of 1:1, then stir them until they fully dissolve. You can add a few drops of essential oil to neutralize the smell if you want. 

Option 2: Dishwasher Fluid

Like vinegar, you should not use too much dishwasher to clean your fringe because most of us do not like the soapy smell sticking in our fridge and food. Just add a few drops of dishwasher solution in water and mix them carefully.

Step 3: Clean all the Containers and the Whole Fridge with Vinegar or Dishwasher Fluid

With containers, take all of them out and wash them as you are washing your dishes. Then, dry them and leave them outside until the smell of vinegar or dishwasher is gone. 

You can clean it with a small towel with the solution you prepared for the fridge, then clean it carefully with water. 

Step 4: Put Things Back and Run the Fridge

After you finish the previous steps, put all the containers and their lits back in the fridge. Now, the broccoli smell is completely gone.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is used widely in washing, cooking, and odor removing. If you already have a broccoli smell in your fridge and do not want to wash it now, baking soda will be a good choice. 

Put baking soda in a small cup or bowl, then leave it in the fridge overnight or longer. This chemical compound is completely safe to put in the fridge, and it will absorb all the unpleasant smells in your fridge, including the brocolli smell.

Used and Dried Ground Coffee

Like baking soda, used and dried ground coffee is also a great ingredient for removing unpleasant scent in the fridge. You should not use new ground coffee as it will be a waste, and the smell of coffee can be so strong and stick in the fridge. We advise you to use used and dried ground coffee only. 

This ingredient can be used if baking soda does not work for you. Put a small bowl of ground coffee on a corner of your fridge and leave it there overnight or longer, and the broccoli smell will be clean off. The disadvantage of this technique is that, sometimes, the smell of coffee might stick on your fridge. As some people will have no problem with this smell, some others will not. 

How to Get Rid of Broccoli Smell While and After Cooking 


Before cooking broccoli, prepare a small bowl of pure white vinegar and put it near your stove. The vinegar will help so much with neutralizing the smell of broccoli right when you are cooking.


Many modern stoves nowadays have a ventilation system going with them. While you are cooking, you should turn the ventilation on to remove most of the smell for you. Not just the smell of broccoli, it can also help with removing many other cooking odors. 

Besides the kitchen’s ventilation, you can run your fan and open all of your windows or doors to blow the unpleasant smell away. Just leave the fan running for around 10 minutes or more; you will feel most of the broccoli smell disappear. 

Other Pleasant Scent

Using other pleasant scents is one of the easiest ways to neutralize the broccoli aroma. You can use essential oil, spray, or floor-cleaning products with good smell after cooking. 

Quick Clean off

If the smell is too strong after cooking, the best thing to do is cleaning your kitchen or the whole house off, depending on where the smell is. Following these steps to successfully get rid of the broccoli smell after you already cook your meal:

Step 1: Open All the Doors, Windows, and Run the Fans on

Before cleaning, open all your doors and windows, then run the fan on you to blow most of the smell out of your place. 

Step 2: Bring and Hang your Fabric Objects Outside (if possible)

Fabric can keep odor for so long. So, if possible, hang your fabric objects such as carpet, some clothes, or kitchen cloth outside. 

Step 3: Clean the Floor with Cleaner That Has a Good Smell

Choose the product that has a good smell, then clean your whole house with it as regular. The smell and the water will swipe away the aroma that sticks on your floor. 

Step 4: Let the House Dry 

Now, let the house dry naturally with the fan and natural air. Then, wait until all the broccoli smell is gone before you close your windows or doors.

More Tips for Remove or Avoid Brocolli Smell

Rinse the Pan or Dishes Right after Cooking

The pan you use for cooking broccoli and the dishes you use to eat will keep a strong aroma there. After cooking, rinse the pan with water a few times to get rid of the smell first, so it will not mix in the air later on. After you finish eating, you should clean the dishes off as soon as possible. If you can do it, at least rinse your dishes to laminate the smell. 

Close Other Rooms While Cooking

No one wants the food smell lingering in their living room and bedroom. It is really important to close all other rooms’ doors before cooking broccoli (or anything else). With this little trick, you will save so much time cleaning the cooking smell on other parts of your house. 

Cook It Less

The longer you cook broccoli, the stronger its smell will be. If you can eat broccoli that is not cooked too much, do not cook it for so long. When you spoil it, wait for a few minutes until it gets that “cooked broccoli” smell, and turn the heat off. Applying this easy tip will be so much less odor for you to deal with later on. 

Prepare Some Carbon Odor-Eliminator Bags on Your House

If you need to cook so frequently and your house is always full of unpleasant smells, besides cleaning, you should prepare some carbon odor-eliminator bags on your house to get rid of the smell. Depending on how big or smelly your house is and how strong the smell is, you can choose bigger or smaller bags.

In Short

Broccoli is in the list of “superfood” as it contains so many healthy ingredients for many people of different ages. While some people love to eat it raw, many others cannot, and they have to cook it. However, the cooked broccoli smell can be unpleasant for some people. 

This blog has shown you how to get rid of broccoli smell with different methods and tips. With the provided information, you will never have to worry about this super food’s smell anymore. 

The preventable and degradable odor of something should not be the reason you stop getting the benefits of healthy food, right?

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