Is Dryer Lint Recyclable? – Find out Answer as Desired

Nowadays, there are many different items made from dryer lint. There will be times when your items are not useful for you anymore.

Then if you can find the answer to the following questions “Is dryer lint recyclable?”, “How to reuse this material to create something new?” and “Where do we start?”,  it will be a great help to our environment.

Let’s walk through our post today to find out!

Lint from the dryer (Via rmkoske)

What Do You Know About Dryer Lint?

Before finding the answer to the question, “Is dryer lint recyclable?”, you should first understand what it is. 

You can easily find dryer lint in any cloth fiber, hair, or even dust and fragments stuck on your clothing during the cleaning process. When washing, dryer lint will appear on your cloth surface and be released into the air when they are dry. 

With that new knowledge, do you think that dryer lint is recyclable? Let’s scroll down for more!

Will Recycle Center Accept Dryer Lint?

The answer is no. The recycling center will reject your dryer lint. You might see that dryer lint is simply the natural and short fibers of your clothing or even hair. 

Even though this lint is not available for recycling in the recycle center, you can still reuse this material? Here is how.

Is Dryer Lint Recyclable?

Composting Dryer Lint

Now, you might be wondering how to recycle dryer lint? As dryer lint usually comes from natural materials like wool or cotton fibers, you can use it as compost. Indeed, by mixing the lint with soil, you have created a favorable environment for your vegetable sprouts to thrive and absorb the nutrients. 

But if your lint contains a substantial amount of synthetic materials like polyester, you should find another way to reuse the dry lint as a small amount of plastic might find its way into your lint trap.

Starting A Fire

Another solution to make use of dryer lint waste is using them as a fire burning material. The truth is dryer lint can catch fire quickly and easily. Thus, whenever you decide to start a fire, just a small amount of dryer lint might do you wonders. In this case, a note for you is to store the lint securely and avoid putting them near any fire source.


You are still wondering, what else can you do with dryer lint? 

Well, stuffing must be among the best options for recycling dryer lint. With these ingredients, you can make either stuffed pets for your kids or dog beds if you are skillful enough. Thanks to its spongy consistency feature, dryer lint is ideally safe and suitable for stuffing items.


Another typical use of dryer lint is packaging for valuable or small things. It is optional to take a massive amount of dryer lint to cover the items to fill in the box’s space. 

Making Paper

What a surprise, right? Other than printer paper or color papers, handmade paper also makes use of fibers like dryer lint. The process of making this type of paper is quite simple. All you need to do is pour the printer paper, water, and dryer lint into a blender until the mixture turns into a soupy slurry. 

In this process, dryer lint will work as an ingredient to keep the stability of the paper. You can also add gelatin into the mixture so that your paper will not blur the ink. 

To diversify the paper’s option, before putting the pulp into the mold, you can pour dyes to have paper with different colors. It is optional if you buy a paper mold or create one using a wooden frame and plastic sheet.

Some Last Words

Now you might find out the answer to the question: Is dryer lint recyclable? There is no doubt that reusing dryer lint is a useful solution to protect our environment. So before throwing the dryer lint into the bin, you can create many new things with this material. We hope you have the best time in making items using dry lint! Cheer!

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