Getting To Know How To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh In Drawers

Needless to say, it is so annoying to find out that your clothes smell bad after hours of washing and drying beforehand. All those great efforts, in the end, just come to nothing with unacceptable smelly clothes.

Unfortunately, this is attributed to the way you preserve your clothes in the drawers. What should you do then? Just keep scrolling through our article to work out how to keep your clothes smelling fresh in drawers, and you are good to go.

How to Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh In Drawers

How To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh In Drawers

I. Perfuming The Clothes

#1. Add Volatile Oils to Your Dryer

You should prepare a pure fabric or rag and pour roughly 5 drops of the essence. Afterwards, place your wet clothes in the dryer as usual but along with the prepared cloth and run the drying cycle. I am sure the result will satisfy you since the clothes will have a light and comfortable scent. 

Moreover, there is quite a huge variety of smells to choose from. Orange, herb, lavender, rosemary are the typical ones to name. Take whatever essential oils you want to make your clothes have the best smell.

#2. Gather a Scented Layer in Your Closet

No matter how long you store your clothes, several days, or a whole month, it is essential to insert a new scented sheet in your drawer to maintain your clothing’s fresh odor. Anyway, remember to replace the sheet in case it no longer works properly.

If you are not in favor of using a scented sheet, wrapping the scented soap in tissue could be a good idea to follow. Unfortunately, instead of essential oil, soap is a must to prepare.

#3. Take the Perfume Cotton Balls in the Dresser Drawer

Spray at least 5 drops of essential oil on the cotton balls and scatter them in your drawers. Make sure it is close enough for all clothes to absorb the scent.

#4. Spritz Your Freshening Spray

You could be a perfume creator by following this method. First, take around 350ml water, 60ml alcohol, and approximately a teaspoon of the essence. Keep shaking the mixture till all ingredients mix well together. If you always want to try something new, I highly recommend you have a try on this.

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II. Engrossing Unpleasant Odors

#1. Use Vinegar to Counterbalance the Smell

With just a bottle of vinegar, you could deodorize your smelly clothing and turn them into odorless in several minutes. Besides, in the first place, rather than directly jumping into spraying the whole garments, you should test a few drops to make sure that the liquor doesn’t damage the fabric and change its colors.

#2. Put Dried Coffee to Take Away the Awful Smell

Coffee has the function of neutralizing strong smells. Thus, why don’t we take advantage of the available coffee in our house? 

Collect a stack of blended coffee beans and disseminate them fitting in the cooking hob. Next. dry them thoroughly and put them into a bowl. Now choose whatever places in the drawers to put the bowl in. You are done!

Also, consider using a line baggie filled with the coffee ground in case you don’t like the bowl.

#3. Add Cedar to Devour Humidity in Your Wardrobe

There are several options you should think about: cedar barracks, cedar bassinet, or the shavings sachets. The explanation for using this is that cedar works as a perfect “sidekick” in fending off the annoying smells and taking the moisture away as well. 

Note: a cedar chips bowl could be a great alternative for your dry and clean closet. 

#4. Place An Open Baking Soda Box to Ingest Bad Smells

On the top shelf of your cabinet, put a fresh baking soda box and the humid closet is no longer a matter to concern. What about the carpet inside? Just spray the baking soda on it and wait for at least 1 day before vacuuming. Furthermore, don’t forget to change the box every 2 months. 

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III. Demolishing And Hampering Odors

#1. Wash Crumbling and Stuffy Clothes With Vinegar

Rather than using the laundry detergent, you should prepare a water cup of white vinegar and run the washing machine as usual. Moreover, with certain kinds of clothes, the hotter the water is, the cleaner your clothing becomes. 

Finally, wash your clothes again with a mixture of the available detergent and around a small portion of baking soda. I am sure this combination will work better than you expected!

#2. Shifting the Wet Clothes Right Away to the Dryer

It is a misconception to leave your wet clothes in the washing machine cause it is the ideal place for the mold and bacteria to grow. Consequently, your clothes smell similar to mildew. Thus, remember to move wet clothes immediately after washing to have sweet-smelling clothes. 

However, being absent-minded at times is unavoidable and you may let your clothes sit in the machine up to several hours or even a day. In that situation, don’t hang them right away, wash them again with the detergent only or the mixture we mentioned in step 1. 

Note: Cleaning the empty machine is essential in making your clothes have a pleasant odor. 

#3. Hanging the Clothes Under the Sunlight for a Natural Scent. 

The easiest and fastest way you can do on a daily routine is drying your clothes using the fresh wind and the sunlight. These natural components could antisepticeye the insects growing in your clothes. Regrettably, hanging clothes in winter and the rainy season seems not to be a good idea to try.

Hang the clothes (Clairoliviawayman)

#4. Opening the Drawers to Get Fresh Outdoor Air. 

Imagine that when you close your dresser drawers all the time, it means you are trapping all the bacteria inside and encourage them to develop. 

On the contrary, when opening the door occasionally, the air could circulate in your closet and help curb the moths’ growth inside. 

If you are wadding your clothes, then just opening the cabinet is not enough. Additionally, it would help if you placed  some silica packets in the closet to ensure  that the amount of moisture is as low as possible.

We want to tell you that these packets are not popular among the physical stores, so you had better order them on the Internet for faster and easier purchasing. 

What is more, never throw a wet towel on the ground of your cabinet because mildew could grow very quickly here. This is a common mistake many people have made.

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Tips and Warning



  • Buy the scent online if you don’t find one suitable for you. Finding a good scent is hard; purchasing a proper scent is even harder. Each person has their taste that fits their style and budgets. Thus, online shopping will serve your demand by introducing numerous products for you to choose from at various reasonable prices.
  • On winter days and humid and rainy days, you should pay more attention to the arrangement of your clothes. Though your laundry after washing remains an insignificant amount of moisture inside, you should still consider hanging them somewhere outside instead of putting them all together with the laundry in the closet. Otherwise, hanging them separately with other clothes is always reasonable.


  • Control the limited amount of scented products not to damage the indoor air quality. Have you ever heard of indoor air pollution? Here we have it. A little sweet smell floating over your noise is quite comfortable and relaxing but a huge amount of smell does matter. It will attack your nose and bother you at the same time. For this reason, just a little is perfect.
  • Make sure the scent should not be too intense so that it will not annoy people around you. Some essential oil has such a strong smell that it could draw all people’s attention in a small room with several drops.
  • Especially if you like trying new things, be conscious because some people could be allergic to that. The condition will get worse and pay you some unexpected downside effects.

In Conclusion 

Now I bet you have got a quite thorough insight into how to keep your clothes smelling fresh in the drawers. Let’s take a try at all methods to find out what works best for you and enjoy the sweet-smelling clothes!

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