How To Remove An Oil Stain From Paper With Some Life Hacks

We have received many requests on guiding how to remove an oil stain from paper. Paper is a soft and absorbent material. If oil drops on paper, it quickly leaves a stain, which is pretty hard to clean. 

This article will give you the five most easy methods that make removing an oil stain on paper a piece of cake. 


How to Remove an Oil Stain from Paper? Here Are 5 Secret Tricks

Before we start, you should prepare some ingredients, including vinegar, cornmeal, alcohol, flour, and some paper towels as well. 

#1. Remove with Vinegar 

Oil stain removal with vinegar is the most usual method, so you might have heard of it before. You only have to prepare vinegar and some cotton balls.

First, you need to mix well vinegar with water in a 1:1 portion. 120 ml of water and 120 of vinegar is enough. Then, put the paper on a flat and waterproof surface. After that, use a cotton ball to take a small amount of water and vinegar mixture.  

Now, gently tap the cotton ball onto the oil stain. Repeat it until the stain disappears. Low acid level in vinegar works effectively as a cleansing liquid, though it will not damage the paper. 

Please remember if the paper becomes too moisturized, but the stain is still there, you should wait until it dries. Normally, when the paper gets dried, the oil stain also vanishes. 

#2. Remove with Paper Towels

Honestly, oil stains can be quite stubborn to remove, though we still have simple methods to help you, for example, using paper towels. 

Paper towels are superior with absorbent capability. What you need to do is take two pieces of paper towels; you can either fold them or not, but we recommend folding them to create a thicker absorbent tool. 

Now, you layer the stained paper in the middle of two folded paper towels. Please note that the paper towels have to cover the whole oil stain.

You also have to use a heavy book or something cumbersome to weigh on the top of layering. Now, leave them somewhere dry. After 2-3 days, the oil stain is probably gone. 

In case the stain remains there persistently, you need to execute a backup plan, which uses baking soda.

Cover the stain with some baking soda, then leave it overnight. Believe us! The result will surprise you. Baking soda will absorb the rest of the oil and bring back the original status of the paper. 

#3. Remove with Cornmeal

Different from water-based stains, oil stains spread very quickly. Therefore, when oil drops on paper, you have to fix it immediately.

Firstly, you need to put the paper with an oil stain on a flat surface and take some cornmeal to cover the entire oil stain on the paper. You should make a thick layer to enhance the absorbency. 

After leaving cornmeal on the paper for around 30 minutes or more, you use a brush to remove cornmeal and replace it with talcum powder on the same oil stain area. Every 10 minutes, brush talcum powder out and put a new layer until the stain completely vanishes.

Normally, we can not remove all the powder with only a brush. Therefore, you can use a tape and softly stick and peel it off the paper to take all the left powder. Please be careful not to rip the paper off. 

#4. Remove with Absorbent Paper and Alcohol

When you get the oil stain, the sooner you fix it, the easier the stain will leave. With this method, you have to prepare some absorbent paper and alcohol in advance.

After discovering the oil dropped on your paper, you must quickly take an absorbent paper and gently press them together. As a result, the oil is absorbed as much as possible from your paper. There will still leave some stain. 

Use a piece of cloth, Q-tip, or swab to consume little alcohol, then clean oil stains directly. The stain will instantly disappear after a few taps. Try not to take too much alcohol at once because the paper can get overly wet and tear up.

#5. Remove with Flour

There are absorbent properties in flour that make removing oil stains on paper very easy. 

First, you have to take dry tissues and put them on the stain. After 1-2 minutes, you remove the tissues and lay some flour on them instead. Keep the flour on the paper for around 20-30 minutes. Then use hands or a brusher with thin and soft hair to clean all flour on the paper. 

We use tissues and four to double absorb oil on the paper so that it will disappear permanently.

In A Nutshell

We believe that you have found a perfect answer for the question “how to remove an oil stain from paper?” in this article. All five methods here are extremely effective and very easy for any of you to apply at home. 

However, the most important key to clean oil stain on any material is immediacy. If you leave the stain dry on paper for a long time, we assure you that no cleaning methods are working.

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