How To Wash a North Face Backpack? Straightforward Guideline

Travelers love North Face backpacks because they can hold so many things inside, thanks to the smart design. However, this type of bag needs its own cleaning method. This blog will inform you how to wash a North Face backpack and maintain its quality for a longer time. 

Now, let’s see what we should do!

Can you wash north face backpack?

Do You Need to Wash Your North Face Backpack Frequently?

If you have ever washed this type of backpack, you will understand how inconvenient it is to clean it and how long it might take to dry out. 

For fabric backpack and many other fabric belongings, it might be great if you wash them frequently. But for North Face backpack, it is not advisable to wash them too regularly because of its special materials and designs. 

It is also recommended for some backpack brands not to fully wash the whole backpack to prevent damage, especially when you choose to use a washing machine. 

If you are not careful while using a washing machine, many parts of your backpack might be ripped out and cannot be used again. So, does it mean you should not wash your pack often?

In the next sections, we are going to list different washing methods you can use for the backpack cleaning and not ruining its quality. Moreover, when you need to wash your belongings anyway, there is also a safer cleaning process for you to follow. Let’s check them out!

How To Wash a North Face Backpack? – Step-By-Step Instruction


What You Need for Cleaning

Before washing, you should prepare all the cleaners and tools you need to ensure the whole washing process is quick and smooth. 

For cleaner, choose mild detergent without bleach ingredients only. The reason why you should not pick the cleaning products that have bleach is because this ingredient can damage the coating of your North Face backpack. 

Besides the cleaner, we also need a bucket or some big enough container for the backpack. Ensure you have soft cloth, a soft toothbrush, and a hanger.

Step 1: Take All Belongings Out

Before cleaning, you have to take all the belongings out of your backpack. Not just the valuable and big belongings, you need to take all the tissue, paper, then get rid of all the sand out of your pack. If these things are still inside, they might dissolve when we pour water in and leave paper dirt inside. 

We will need to clean both the outside and inside the backpack, so you need to open it wide and turn it upside down to ensure nothing is there. 

Step 2: Dry Clean

Use the cloth and the soft toothbrush to get rid of all the dirt and stains externally and internally. Do not jump right in the wet clean step because these stains might dissolve and stick into other areas. 

To protect the coating, do not brush or rub too hard. Just gently remove it as much as possible, and the coming cleaning step will take care of the remaining dirt. 

Step 3: Wet Clean

Use a wet cloth to clean all of the pockets, corners, and surface of the backpack. Then run water on the exterior and interior of the backpack to clean off all the dirt. 

If there is not too much dirt, you do not have to use detergent. But when the stains are still there, you can mix and use the detergent to clean off the stains first and then clean the whole backpack in running water until it is completely clean. 

Step 4: Hang and Dry

After you are done with all the steps above, leave the backpack widely open and hang it with a hanger and let it dry. It will take so long for the backpack to dry, but you shouldn’t turn it under extremely strong and direct sunlight.

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Can I Wash North Face Backpack with a Washing Machine?

If you have a modern washing machine with hand-washing mode, then you can use it for your North Face backpack. Besides, you should only use the mild detergent and put your pack inside a washing bag to prevent it from being damaged. 

In case you do not have a washing backpack or a suitable washing machine, do not wash it using this method because washing machines can easily rip off many parts of your bag and damage it forever. Even when you can still use the pack, the quality will not stay the same. 

Even though you can wash your backpack with a washing machine, we do not recommend doing it. Only use the washing machine when you do not have any other options. It will be much safer to hand-wash your pack using the method above.

Other Cleaning Methods for North Face Backpack

Wiping Dirt Only

If you want to choose the safest way to wash your North Face backpack, then this cleaning technique should always be the first option in your head. You can use this cleaning method for your backpack frequently without worrying about damaging it like other methods. 

For cleaner, a mild cleaner without any detergent ingredients is advisable. Gentle cleanser can better protect the DWR coating of your backpack, while other detergents can badly affect it. 

To apply this method, you will also need to dry clean it first with a soft toothbrush or a cloth to wipe out all the dirt. Do not use soft paper or tissue because it might leave some paper fiber on your backpack when it meets water or cleaner. 

Now, spray some water or cleaner on your cloth to make it just a little bit wet, then gently wipe all the dirt on the outside of your backpack. When the cloth gets dirty, you should clean it with water, then continue to wipe the surface of your backpack again. 

In case the inner side of your backpack is too dirty or smelly, you can wipe its interior with the same technique we used for the exterior. After cleaning, do not put all of your objects inside of it just yet. Widely open your backpack and hang it to let it naturally dry before using it again.

Removing Hard Stains with Detergent

This method ought to be used when you still have stains on the surface after wiping down your backpack and washing it with the methods mentioned earlier. The most important thing in this step is to choose the right cleaner that is not harmful to the coating of your favorite backpack. 

Make sure you only use detergent without bleach ingredients. Mix a bit of detergent with water, then gently rubbing the stains to make it come off. After that, run some water in the dirty area to clean off both dirt and detergent. 

Soaking the Whole Backpack in Water

This technique is suitable for those backpacks that are too dirty from both inside and outside and are not easy to clean just by wiping or regular washing. 

First, prepare enough water to soak the whole backpack in. Only water is enough; you do not need to add any cleaner, washing powder, or detergent in the water. Normally, most of the dust will come off after soaking.

When you put the backpack in water, make sure you open it wide and use your hand or cloth to clean all of its pockets carefully. 

After you see most of the dust has come out, you can take the backpack out of the water and check if there are any stains on. To clean the stains, you can use a soft toothbrush. You even use the detergent method later if the stains are too hard to get rid of. 

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Tips to Keep Your Backpack Clean for a Longer Time

As you see, washing a North Face backpack might take so much time and effort, and the risk of damaging it if you do not clean it right is also high. Therefore, you should prevent the bag from getting dirty in the first place so you can reduce the number of times you have to wash it fully.

Here are the useful tips you can use to keep your favorite pack clean for a longer time!

Tip 1: Avoid Dirt, Especially Fluid

Dirt, especially wet dirt, can form stains on the backpack that will be pretty difficult to get rid of. So, it is advisable to avoid all the dirt as possible. 

While you are traveling, you are so excited and do not want to spend too much time keeping your backpack from the dirt, right? Well! You do not have to spend much effort or time to prevent dirt from sticking in your backpack. You can easily put it on some cloth or put it inside a big plastic bag if you go through dirty areas or rainy weather. 

Protecting the backpack maintains its quality only and keeps all of your belongings clean and smell good.

Tip 2: Do Not Put Smelly Things Inside

Sometimes, people have to wash their backpack not because of the dirt but also because of the smell. A stinky pack can add an uneasy fragrance to all the stuff inside of it, especially clothes. 

To prevent the smell in the first place, do not put anything with a bad smell on your backpack, especially food. Sometimes, food smells so great for us to eat, so we do not think about the remaining scent. However, when the smell of food sticks on your clothes and the whole pack, you might want to get rid of it immediately. 

Tip 3: Quick Clean Frequently

While soaking and washing the whole North Face backpack is not recommended, quick cleaning can be an easy way to keep your backpack clean for a longer time.

For quick clean, you can use the method we provided in the previous section or simply use a wet cloth with water to wipe off all the dry and watery dirt and stains. 

You do not have to clean your backpack too frequently or every day quickly. Once a week or once every two weeks will be enough. When you have a few minutes of spare time, sit down and clean it, then you will realize how much better it looks and how clean it can be. 

Tip 4: Wipe the Dirt Off Instantly 

When mud, food, or wet dirt sticks on your backpack, do not leave it there because the dirt can sink into the deeper layer of your backpack. The best way to maintain it here is wiping all the dirt immediately, especially fluid. 

Final Opinion

North Face backpacks are super useful with its smart and convenient designs, but it might be a little bit problematic when it gets dirty, especially when you do not know how to clean it properly. 

After reading the information we provided, you can follow how to wash a North Face backpack and maintain its cleanliness for a longer time. Do not forget to prevent the dirt from sticking on your backpack in the first place, and you will see how long your gear can stay clean.

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