How to Clean Painted Concrete Floors: Easy Way to Clean Painted Floor

Beautiful paintings on the floor can make us feel happy whenever we see them. However, a while after, we might gradually see dust formed on the paintings and want to remove them. So, how to clean painted concrete floors, and is it hard to do so?

In this article, Clairoliviawayman will show you how to clean painted floors with three simple steps. Let’s find out now!

Painted concrete floors need to be clean properly

Is It Difficult to Clean Painted Concrete Floors?

The answer here is both “Yes” and “No”!

If you have the right materials that work well with cleaning the paintings, then Yes, you can clean the paintings without harming its looks and colors. However, this process may take more time and effort, especially when you have many big paintings. 

What if you choose the wrong materials? Inappropriate material can harm your painting because acidic substances can clean it off. You know, the paint made from many different types of chemicals that can easily get damaged by acids.   

Moreover, cleaning paintings without the right cleaning products might make the paintings look even worse, and it will be harder for you to clean off later on. 

For this reason, we are going to show you exactly what to prepare and what to do step-by-step to make sure you get the best results.

How to Clean Painted Concrete Floors – [Step-by-Step Guide]


Preparation – What You Need for the Cleaning Process

To make the cleaning process run smoothly, you should prepare basic cleaning tools such as a mop, some cloth pieces, and a vacuum. All these things will be used throughout the painting cleaning process. 

It is recommended that you only use clean mop, pieces of cloth, and vacuum to get the best result. Besides these tools, it is crucial to prepare a mild cleanser and warm water. That’s all we need. Now, let’s start cleaning!

Step 1: Sweep Trash and Dust Off the Surfaces

After time, dust and really small pieces of trash will build upon the painting layers. To clean all the painting successfully, you will need to clean all the dust and trash first.

Step 2: Clean the Floor Surface with Water and Cloths

First, use a mop to sweep the surfaces carefully, then use a vacuum to remove all the dust from deep inside the cracks of your concrete floors. After that, soak the cloth in water and start cleaning the whole floor. 

Step 3: Clean the Paintings with Mild Cleanser

In this last step, you will need to put a mild cleanser on a bucket, then soak the cloth-head mop in it, and run the mop back and forth on the painting. When you finish washing all of the painting, soak the mop in water and clean the whole floor again.

Caution: Do not use cleaners with acidic ingredients such as ammonia or bleach because your floor will be damaged. 

How to Maintain the Painted Surface of Concrete Floors

Concrete floors with paintings are pretty durable, so many people think we do not have to manually take care of them. This is a misconception because concrete, though hard and durable, is actually easily destroyed by acids.. 

If you want to maintain the concrete floors’ surface and the quality of the concrete floors themselves, you should avoid dropping substances such as vinegars and other acids to the floors.

When those chemicals reach the floors, it will damage the painting right away. This makes the painting look like a mess and reduces the quality of your floors. 


It is pretty artistic and interesting if we freely design our spaces. A layer of paint can protect your floor’s surface and make your whole space have the painted drawings or color of your styles. 

In this article, we have guided you on how to clean painted concrete floors. We hope it will give you even more opportunity to keep your favorite painting, its colors, and its quality as long as you wish.

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