How To Remove Dog Hair From Hardwood Floors – Useful Information You Need To Know

After a day at work, it is relaxing to have a dog and play with you. 

However, it will not be fun if you see dog hair everywhere in your house. Especially when your floor is hardwood, which means it is not as easy to clean as floors with other materials.

It will make you feel uncomfortable and itchy. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure to clean dog furs perfectly. 

In today’s article, I will guide you on how to remove dog hair from hardwood floors with detailed instructions like methods and tips to minimize dog hair. Check it out!


How To Remove Dog Hair From Hardwood Floors?

There are many ways to remove dog hair from hardwood floors, but from my experiences, you should try the four methods below: 

#1. Using a Microfiber Duster

The microfiber duster is an ideal cleaner in the current market for hoovering and attracting hair/dust on your floor. 

Specifically, when you move a microfiber duster on the floor, its material generates the electrostatic charge to easily get rid of fur, pet hair, and fine dirt particles.

The best part of a microfiber duster has a mop pad installed to maximize the microfiber’s ability to rub and clean the hardwood floors. It is better to make sure that you properly drain out unwanted water after mopping to minimize harming your hardwood floor.

Image: Lauryn Juhl

When the pads become extremely filthy or have accumulated many hairs, you should clean or replace them. Microfiber pads can be washed by hand or machine and be reused several times, convenient and economical.

Therefore, I discovered that microfiber is the most effective method for removing dog hair from hardwood floors. I’m sure you will fall in love with this method like me. 

#2. Using Vacuum Cleaner 

Currently, there are various vacuum cleaners in the market for you to opt for, such as robotic vacuums and upright canisters. 

However, you cannot choose randomly since several vacuum cleaners are not good for your hardwood floors. I used different vacuum cleaners and realized that the best suitable dog hairs/furs on the floors must have filters, great suction power, and a tough floor attachment. 

With the hard floors attachments feature, you do not need to worry about scratching because hard floors attachments are gentle, which avoids damaging the hardwood floors. In addition, strong power takes responsibility for attracting even the toughest fur. 

Finally, filters are also important for catching microscopic particles like pet dancers that may trigger allergies.

#3. Using Rubber Broom

It is a great tool for removing the most stubborn dog hairs/ furs from your hardwood floors. 

After sweeping the floor, you will see a bunch of dog hairs in the rubber broom. To clean your broom for the next use, you simply wash it with a washing-up liquid to sterilize and eliminate the dog hair.

#4. Using Scotch Tape

Using scotch tape sounds fun and silly, but believe me, it is truly a quick and convenient method to remove dog hairs. With its strong stickiness, the tape can stick and collect all tiny dust on the ground immediately after you press its sticky face on the hardwood floors.

It sticks very well, which collects all the dog hair in a short time. 

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Tips to Minimize Dog Hair In Your House

Learning how to remove dog hair from hardwood floors is not enough to keep your house clean all the time. You may not know, I used to be fed up with removing dog hair every day. So, here are several tips for you to limit dog hair as much as you can: 

Minimizing Shedding

Honestly, the best method you can do is to minimize shedding from your pet friend. There are a few ways to minimize shedding:

  • You should give your dog a lot of protein-rich food as protein promotes the growth of healthy fur and reduces the amount of damaged fur.
  • You need to trim your dog’s nails regularly, which will make sure to keep the amount of loose hair to a minimum and prevent added shedding.
  • Lastly, you have to bathe your dog with the appropriate shampoo often. Remember that rushing is a step that you cannot skip as it will get rid of the majority of the loose dog hairs/ furs.

Other Tips 

Apart from minimizing shedding, you can do other ways to limit dog hair as much as possible. From my perspective, here are more three tips for you to try: 

  • To avoid canines from itching and scraping because of allergic bites, you should control pests like ticks or fleas. 
  • Keep your puppy always busy, so it will not get monotonous, and begin biting by itself and licking his skin.
  • Educate your dogs to stay away from wood-floored places most of the time. Also, you can select an area to clean for your puppy.


A bunch of dog hair around your house is not avoidable. You need to develop several methods to remove dog hairs and keep your house clean as possible as you can. My life is easier and more convenient when applying these methods above for my puppy and my house.

With the article on how to remove dog hair from hardwood floors, I hope you can quickly choose the method that suits you best and will not stress out with dog hairs anymore.

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