How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Soaked Into Hardwood Floor?

Your little dog is running around the home. He is finding something; and then, you guess what I looked – his big urine on the floor. Any pet owner does not like this one, especially if your wood floor surface looks shiny and beautiful. 

You quickly need to clean dog urine soaked into hardwood floor to keep your home space clean and your floorboards durable. In this article, let’s explore how to do just that with new and old stains!


Dog Urine Soaked Into Hardwood Floor?

The over-excited puppy you welcome in your house may wet the floor on his first few days in his new home. Some cases might only be an accident, and the other cases seem to be the act of marking their territories. Whatever the reason might be, it would leave dark spots with an uncomfortable stench on the floor.

Wood is very absorbent, since their main functions when they’re still part of a tree is to deliver nutrients and liquids all over the tree’s body. Therefore, your dog’s pee will likely stay in its spot for quite some time without further proper measurements.

Worst-case scenario, if the soiled spot does not dry, it will mold or rotten the hardwood flooring and emit an even more pungent smell.

Knowing how to treat the space to accommodate your new companion would be a great preparation to get your favorite pup home. Let’s get into how you should go about that right now! 

How To Remove Dog Urine from Hardwood Floors

I think separating this story into two parts would best serve any of you. We’ll be talking about new urine and old urine respectively.

New Dog Urine

Cleaning the floor will be much easier if you can discover the urine not so long after your pup commits this crime. Moreover, your pup might repeat the act if he or she can smell the odor’s spot.

Before anything else, you would want to dry the area using some towels, rags or even paper. Soak the urine up to prevent it from leaking through your floor and damage your wood. Make sure you’ve brought everything onto your towels. It will definitely smell bad, but believe me, it is worth it!

Because new urines aren’t that extreme, I would recommend using natural deodorizer like vinegar and baking soda instead. 

Baking Soda

Please put on your gloves to ensure a safe and hygienic process. 

After you’ve got your hand secured, dust a sufficient baking soda amount on the damp spot and let it sit for a minimum of 8 hours. You can leave it there overnight and come back in the morning to check. 

Then, choose a vacuum that is friendly to your hardwood floor and suck them up. As baking soda and urine themselves aren’t so healthy, you’d better disinfect the surface after that, then mop the floor with an appropriate floor cleaner. 


If you use Vinegar: Make sure the amount of vinegar and water must be equal. Next, spray it onto the surface and leave it there for about 15 minutes, and use a towel to wipe it. If one try is not enough, feel free to do it again as vinegar won’t damage your floor.

How to clean dog pee off hardwood floors

Old Dog Urine Soaked into Hardwood Floor

It’s not that hard to remove old dog urine and its odor. Here are a few ways for you to eliminate these pesky stains:

Baking Soda And Vinegar:

This method will not require much elbow work from you since the mixture you make from it should already provide the power. 

Just like previously mentioned, baking soda and vinegar can remove new dog urine by themselves. In this section, I’ll combine them to remove the old stains.

As always, put your gloves on dear dog owners, you don’t want your hand to smell badly or get that bacteria on your hand.

This time, you will need to repeat the vinegar step above before getting on with the baking soda. 

You can start by mixing vinegar with some water in a bottle and spray it on the smelly spot, and wipe that mixture off the surface using a paper towel. Do it over again until you are completely satisfied with reducing the intense smell.

After you’ve gotten rid of the stench of urine, apply baking soda directly onto that same spot and wait for magic to happen. Next, just carefully carry out all the steps above on the new dog urine section that includes vacuuming and mopping for the best result.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

You should be familiar with this solution if you have a pet. Many people favor hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizer, a bleaching solution, or an antiseptic, for its incredibly powerful ability.

The reason why it can clean urine on the floor is as it can destroy the bacteria that cause odor. The most common hydrogen peroxide you catch in your local hardware stores is quite diluted, so you don’t have to worry about its harmful side. Just remember not to let the substance contact high heat during its storage or usage. 

To use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning pet stains, you have to apply the substance onto the affected area enough to dampen the floorboard. It will start to foam up when activated, so do not fret at sight. You should be able to wipe off the foam after 5-10 minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide does not guarantee that you will end up with a squeaky clean, odorless floor after one try. If the stain has been on the spot for months, it will take you at least two tries with the substance to rid the stains completely.

How to clean urine soaked wood floor

Hair Growing Solutions:

Too lazy or cannot rush to the store to buy a new product? Head to your boudoir and get your hair-growing solutions instead. This kind of product has quite a powerful bleaching component. Just spraying it on the stain and leaving it for a while can help you get rid of the stains.

Afterward, you should disinfect the area and sand the surface if necessary. You must be mindful that unless you let the area dry completely, the odor will linger, and your pup will try to wet that same spot. If the stain remains after the wipe, you can always level up your own game by applying more bleaching agents.  

Commercial Washer:

When natural concoctions and kitchen remedies no longer work, it’s time for you to pull out the big guns. 

The pet market has provided pet owners with many washers specifically for this purpose, and you can pick one up from the store for your hardwood flooring. These chemical products should lend a hand (or a powerful bicep) to deal with the stains. 

The process of using commercial washers are generally the same as we have discussed before:

  • Thoroughly clean the area so your product can soak the hardwood directly without having to go through any debris or dust.
  • Put on your gloves and apply the product onto your trust wipe.
  • Scrub the product onto the stain’s surface and wait for as long as the product requires you to.
  • Wash the product off the floor with water and let it dry completely. 

Depending on the solution you choose, the process might carry out just what you need.

Steam Mop:

Professionals will advise you to stay away from steam mops and other high-power cleaning machinery types for this particular type of stain since they can damage your wood’s fiber. In our opinion, as long as you use it in the right way with the right amount, you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Some stubborn stains will require adjustments to your steam mop’s settings. It’s also a good idea to combine your mop with the options above for a better result. This way, you’re hitting the stain with both physical and chemical force, enhancing efficiency and saving your time. 


Now that I get rid of a nightmare of dog urine soaked into hardwood floor after applying the guidelines above. If you also follow them, your floor will quickly be back shiny and clean.

Nevertheless, potty training is very beneficial not only for your dog but also for your relationship with your buddy as well, so please do that alongside stain cleaning!

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