Get The Best Answer – What Is Rubberwood Flooring?

If you’re thinking about paving your floor, you’ll probably have to consider what type of flooring is best for you. 

Stone flooring brings class and elegance, but its cost usually puts people off. On the other hand, eco-friendly flooring such as wooden floors guarantees top-tier quality, but this type of floor needs careful maintenance

If you want something both economic and durable, don’t overlook rubber flooring. But first, let’s have an overview of “What is rubberwood flooring?” In that way, you will understand more about this type of flooring.


What Is Rubberwood Flooring?

So, have you ever wondered about rubber wood flooring? 

Well, rubberwood flooring (Hevea wood flooring) is produced from the latex of the rubber tree. The abundance of the material makes for mass production of rubberwood flooring, causing the price to be cheaper than other wooden flooring products.

For the vintage enthusiasts out there, rubberwood flooring is a perfect choice! Like other wooden products, it inherits a light tan look from its natural origin, bringing an organic look to furniture and households. The flooring’s color goes with everything, making it a go-to for many.

Rubberwood flooring has outstanding durability and resistance that few types of flooring can match, making it one of the most popular household products in the world. With delicate color and superb quality, this product will not let you down. 

Is Rubberwood Ideal For Flooring?

Rubberwood is classified as a hardwood, nominatively the most resilient of woods. The hard surface of this wood can resist damage beyond expectation. Therefore, rubberwood flooring would best suit environments prone to abrasions, such as gyms and restrooms.

What about water resistance? Despite some level of water resistance, this type of flooring can still suffer from seepage problems and discoloration. This property makes it more suitable for indoor installation. 

Rubberwood flooring’s natural aesthetics and durability attract many. Its quality is also much higher than other wooden flooring products. For those looking for a suitable floor for their home, rubberwood floors can be an ideal choice.

How Long Can Rubber Flooring Last?

As mentioned above, rubberwood floors have great durability. Rubberwood scores 980 pounds on the Janka hardness test, ranking it among the hardest types of wood. With careful maintenance and preservation, they can last up to 30 years before needing replacement. 

Have you ever wondered why rubberwood flooring has such a long lifespan? The answer lies in its preservative chemical compounds, which protect the floor from any harm, including water and mildew. They bring about a level of durability that few wooden floorings can match.

With that said, you will have to put in some effort to secure your rubberwood floor’s lifespan and quality. Cleaning the floor regularly and avoiding collisions and scratches will help you best maintain the floor. It may sound a lot, but the trade-off is worth it. 

How To Install Rubber Flooring, From The Author’s Experience

The floor installation requires technical expertise and extensive experience. Don’t attempt anything crazy if you don’t want to risk damaging the floor. For best results, you should get a pawnbroker to carry out the installation instead.

In my opinion, one of the important parts of installing rubber wood flooring is preparation. I pay attention to removing all flooring and underlay and making sure the floor is firm and flat before laying the floor. 

It’s time to install the rubberwood floor. You should keep in mind that all hardwood floors expand over time, so leave some space in between the planks, or you risk experiencing floor warping. 

When installing, you should align the pieces of wood with each other and keep the floor level throughout. It may sound mechanical, but I achieved the ideal rubber wood flooring for my home by adhering to these steps. And now, it is your turn.

Even with its incredible strength, you ought to exercise daily maintenance. Mopping once per day, with the addition of vacuuming, should keep your floor squeaky-clean. I would buy rubber or foam pads to prevent any heavy furniture from scratching the planks.

There are lots of alternatives for your choosing. If you want something decorative, you would prefer a mattress over foam pads. But whatever you choose, each choice you make for your floor will surely prolong its age.

Some Last Words

What is rubberwood flooring? – I think that you now get the answer as desired. Rubberwood is ideal if you are looking for floor coverings. Just give it a try and enjoy its outstanding qualities.

Don’t forget to thoroughly understand its properties so you can best maintain your beloved floor. 

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