How To Keep Outdoor Rugs In Place On Concrete

If you are like me, then your backyard is the place for entertaining friends and family. You want everything to look nice and neat, but also feel relaxed and inviting! One of the most important items in this equation is keeping outdoor rugs in place on concrete

Yet, it can be difficult at times because many variables, including humidity levels, temperature changes, wind, etc., affect how your rug will lie. After years of experience, I am here to confidently tell you that I can help you with this issue! Scroll down this blog for tips on how to keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete now!


How To Keep Outdoor Rugs In Place On Concrete Using Tapes? 

Obviously, the tape sticks well on concrete. The only notice for you is that you must keep the surface clean and dry before applying for the best results! You can peel off the tape easily with no residue left behind, making it essential in any DIY house process. 

Here are how to do it:


Do not forget to prepare all necessary tools and materials before starting the process!

  • Heavy-duty rug tape (Double sided sticky tape or Velcro strips)
  • Scissors or pocket knife 
  • Measuring tape


Step 1: Clean Your Concrete Floor And Rug Backing

First, make sure that your floor is clean and dry. You can sweep up any leaves or dust to get rid of them. It is also crucial to ensure that the floor has dried before you do any further work on it, as concrete can easily get wet and absorb moisture. 

After that, vacuum up any dust and lint which might have accumulated while your rug was outside.

Step 2: Measure Your Area Rug

Measure the area rug accurately so that the size can be used as a reference for marking. If you’ve already known how big an inch is in terms of centimeters, then no further measurements will be necessary!

Step 3: Mark Your Concrete Floor

Mark your concrete all around with a ruler or chalk and measuring tape. To be more specific, mark three L shapes in the corners to enhance concerns fitting, leaving space right in middle-place rows of 2 inches apart.

Step 4: Tape Your Rug Tape To The Concrete

Now, lay your double-sided rug tape and stick its sticky side onto that pattern you just drew.

You might think you can just peel off the paper on the other side, yet it is not true! Make sure your adhesive is completely stuck before taking this next step, and be careful because it will stick like crazy!

Step 5: Lay Your Rug In Place As You Peel Off Plastic Paper

Now that you have the tape down, it’s time for a little rug-laying! It is good to remove the sheet of plastic and expose its adhesive side because the tape on this product is extremely sticky. Press the rug firmly into place as you lay the rug down.

Keep Outdoor Rugs In Place On Concrete Using Glue


The cheapest, easiest and effective way to stick your carpets on concrete floors is with double-sided carpet tape. Yet, if you want to make your floor as level and sleek-looking as possible, utilizing a tenacious adhesive on top of the floor may be just what’s needed. Once you lay down the carpet, it will bring you wonders with that smooth finish!

Here is how to do it:


  • The cleaner you keep your floor, the easier it is to maintain! Vacuum or sweep up any debris from around the area and wash away soapy water before applying adhesive if desired.
  • Next, make sure to coat the entire surface with enough adhesive. Apply an even layer so there are no gaps and it bonds securely into place!
  • Then, spread your carpet on the surface that had been glued. I suggest you unroll the carpet to make the work easier.
  • To smooth out the carpet, run your hand along its length. You want to make sure there are no uneven areas or bumps. When working with carpet, be sure to start from the middle and work your way out. This will help you avoid any air pockets that might occur under it!


  • I always recommend waiting a while before walking on the freshly applied glue carpet, as it can take some time for that resin to cure.
  • If you want to cover an entire huge area with carpet or rug, make sure that there are enough glue pots for the job.

What Are The Alternatives On How To Keep Outdoor Rugs In-Place on Concrete?

If you hate using those sticky tapes, follow me to this section for alternatives.

Using Potted Plants

This is a great way to keep your outdoor rug in place! I recommend you put some large potted plants with some heavy furniture on the rug’s top. If you want a more natural look for your rug, consider planting some plants instead. 

Indeed, trees planted in the backyard may help to reduce wind speeds. When there is less air moving, you can get a more stable rug position, and it will stay put for longer periods of time!

Place Furniture Weights

You can use the furniture’s weight on an outdoor rug. Keep two legs of it on the rug and some weights for extra security. If you don’t have furniture out there, use lightweight or foldable items in order to prevent damage from wind gusts!

Portable furniture weights are a great option to serve this purpose, for example, sandbags – which are typically more portable.

Woven Mats

The best way to protect your rug from the damaging force of the wind is with a woven mat. For example, seagrass mats are heavier and sturdy than traditional rugs- so they’ll hold up better in high winds.

You might be thinking that a seagrass mat is just like any other rug, but the truth is, its lifespan may vary depending on how often you use them. It will eventually wear down and need to be replaced with new ones after years (or months).

Using Caulk

You can help keep your mat in place by caulk-ing it. Silicone is a great material for this, as it’s flexible and won’t harm the surface of whatever you’re wrapping around it! 

When you are done applying the caulk, be sure to add a few more spots and flatten out any excess on top. This will give the best possible bond between your rug’s surface and its matting material!

Be mindful that although caulk is a great way to make your mat look new, it’s not recommended for antique or expensive mats!

Final Thoughts

So, how to keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete? – there are many options to opt for: Tapes, glue, potted plants, women mats, or caulk.

Whether you decide to use tape, glue, or some other method of securing the rug down, just remember that these types of materials can wear away with time, so make sure they are not too close to where people will walk.

In addition, if any dirt gets trapped underneath the rug when it’s secured down, there is potential for mold growth, leading to health problems. It would be best to keep an eye out for those things while considering what type of material best suits your needs to get a longer-lasting result!

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