Nine Simplest Steps On How To Make Hardwood Floors Less Slippery

Hardwood floors play an important role in making your home sophisticated and luxurious. However, everything has two sides. One of them is how to make hardwood floors less slippery.

The main cause of slippery floors is mainly because the floor surface is rubbed a lot, leading to wear. When this happens, walking on the floor can be dangerous. You may fall and get injured because of its slippage. So, how to deal with this trouble? Let’s follow the article, and I will show you the answer based on my experiences!

How to make wood floors less slippery

How To Make Hardwood Floors Less Slippery?

Here I will summarize for you the nine easiest steps I’ve tried to deal with slippery hard floors. Choose the ones that you think are most suitable for your home:

Clean Your Floor Frequently

Daily cleaning will help hardwood floors remove dirt and dust. If you leave these on the floor, you’re more likely to fall than ever. Hence, removal is essential.

So, how to clean periodically to achieve the best effect? My suggestion is to sweep the house every day so that the dirt is always cleaned. I usually sweep more often in areas where dirt is likely to reappear, such as the kitchen. Along with it, I schedule a home visit at least once a week as it is the best way to keep the floor always clean. 

How to make wooden floor less slippery

Put Doormats At Entrances

Trust me; a doormat is an ideal solution to keep dirt out. Your feet stepping on the carpet will significantly reduce dirt and water on the floor. The frequency of cleaning is also reduced even more. I always clean periodically for extra at least once a week. That way, my home’s carpets always achieve good productivity for my family. 

Place Non-slip Pads 

If normal rugs are useless on slippery floors, try adding anti-slip pads to keep them firmly in place. It is suitable for fixing carpets that are easily moved when stepped on. That’s why I choose them for doormats, running mats, etc.

However, this step has a small drawback that you should consider. When the non-slip pad is removed, it will leave a sticky residue. I tried, and it’s very difficult to remove those stains. If you don’t deal with it in time, they can even make the carpet dirty.

Use Rugs For Slippery Areas

In my opinion, the rugs are the perfect combination of doormats and anti-slip pads. The bottoms of these mats are made of rubber. That’s why they can stick to the floor, even in the most slippery places.

Therefore, using certain rugs take away my headaches of dealing with slippery hardwood floors.

Use Vinegar And Water To Clean The Floor 

In addition to making the floor surface shiny, this step also helps limit its slip. In detail, a solution of water and vinegar can remove wax on hardwood floors. This waxy layer is also one of the main causes of slippage in the house.

Now I will share my experience on how to do this method! It is extremely simple- just water and vinegar are enough! Mix them well, then dip a towel and wipe the waxed areas. In that way, I’ve eliminated concern for your hardwood floors. Now it’s your turn. 

Always Keep The Floor Dry

If your floor is wet, you are more likely to fall than ever! Not only that, water will cause the surface layer of hardwood floors to wear away if it is wet for a long time. That will lead to the easy slippage of the floor in the future.

My advice is to notice all the splashes of water on your floor and dry them off as quickly as possible. Keeping the floor dry is key to protecting yourself and others. That’s why I always pay attention to this step.

Keep your hardwood floors dry to prevent slipperiness

Use Anti-Slip Treatments For The Floor

If you are looking for a quick solution, try this step! There are quite a few anti-slip measures you can consider. I’ve tried aerosols, topcoats, and they work! However, most anti-slip coatings will require you to sand them before use.

Use Non-Skid Paint For Hardwood Floor

Painting wooden floors with anti-slip paint will contribute to creating a new layer of protection for the floor. It will significantly reduce slipperiness and protect the floor for longer. This method is suitable for me as I want my hardwood floor always protected.

However, this method requires ventilation during painting. Wet weather conditions are also absolutely not suitable for this process.

Sand The Floor

When my floor was already slippery due to wear and tear, I sanded and refinished it. First, I sanded the entire hardwood floor. After finishing, I reapplied a protective coat. A new floor was born, and of course, the slippery will be gone. My hardwood floor now is as new as the day I floored it. 

This step requires you to have enough knowledge and experience to perform. Therefore, be sure of your ability before doing it.

Some Last Words

It’s not difficult to remove your floor from slippage. However, I think you should consider the steps that are most appropriate for your home.

Through this article, I hope my experiences help you know how to make hardwood floors less slippery. See you in the next blog. Thanks for reading!

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